Rain-o-run in Gdynia. Interactive installation raises awareness of how precious water is

The Rain-o-run installation stood in front of the building of the Gdynia City Museum at the beginning of the summer and was later moved in front of the building of the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park. Thanks to the installation, one can learn about the water cycle in nature and its importance for the entire environment

Water is a key element not only for humans, but for the entire ecosystem. Water in cities lowers the temperature, purifies the air, allows plants to grow and animals to establish habitats. The proximity of water bodies has a positive effect on human wellbeing

The creation of the Rain-o-run installation is part of an educational campaign. It provides basic information about rainwater harvesting methods and its importance for nature. Water is a priceless resource and should be available to everyone. The organisers of the installation remind us that nearly two billion people in the world do not have access to safe water resources. In 2030, the demand for water will be so great that the available supply will be less than the need

Sustainable, resilient cities are today’s hope for breaking the impasse of the Anthropocene, as well as a field of innovative practices and educational activities for adaptation and mitigation to climate change. Responsible stewardship of the priceless resource that is water, and rethinking our relationship with it and the urban ecosystem as a whole should become our common experience – let’s not let go of water! – says Aleksandra Litorowicz, curator of the project

The installation was designed by Izabela Bołoz. It is a system of tanks and gutters that create a water cycle. The installation collects rainwater, encourages its use and enables interaction and play. Rain-o-circuit develops knowledge of climate change and makes people aware of water resources and drought. The entire installation is built from recycled and recyclable materials

Spatial installations and urban design-based initiatives have great potential as tools for initiating constructive dialogue. Creating a friendly, inspiring, activating space can be an excellent invitation to start a conversation or consultation on a variety of topics. Using design, we can deliver information in a less formal, more engaging way. What’s more, this approach opens us up to a wide range of visitors to the public space, enabling us to reach more people of all ages. I am very pleased that our interactive installation, inspired by the idea of play, encourages conversations about saving water in the city. It’s a really important and interesting issue to explore and look for constructive solutions on different levels. I believe that involving the community can bring real progress in protecting water resources and creating sustainable solutions for our cities,” says Izabela Bołoz

The project Rain-o-run. About water and its conservation in the city’ is implemented by the PUSZKA Foundation for Urban Action and Research in collaboration with Studio BOLOZ and funded as part of the open tender for the implementation of good design practices in Gdynia in 2023, coordinated by PPNT Gdynia | Design Centre. The partner of the project is the Museum of the City of Gdynia

Curatorial and design team

Izabela Bołoz – designer, curator, educator, founder of the design studio Studio Boloz (https://boloz.eu). Most of her works are urban installations that, apart from their purely utilitarian function, are meant to intrigue, entertain and amaze viewers. She creates interaction-inducing, inclusive spaces for different age groups. She is a lecturer at the Technical University of Eindhoven and the School of Form in Warsaw

Aleksandra Litorowicz – President of the PUSZKA Foundation for Urban Action and Research, cultural studies scholar, researcher, curator. Lecturer at the School of Form and School of Ideas at SWPS University, as well as urban studies at the Institute for Public Space Research of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Initiator of research and educational projects related to urban modernity

Graphic design: Julia Rajs

Technical design: Natalia Kamińska

source: Puszka Foundation and Studio Boloz

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