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Renovation of 19th-century townhouses on Szczytnicka Street in Wrocław. They will be beautiful again!

Three tenement houses from Szczytnicka Street in Wrocław are regaining their former glory. The buildings survived the Second World War and the flood of the millennium in 1997. Afterwards, they were neglected for years and fell into disrepair. Soon they will once again be a great decoration of the area

The renovated townhouses, numbered 29, 29a and 31, will contain a total of 54 units ranging in size from 27 to 57 m². The investor – the WR Home company – has preserved the unique character of the buildings

Photo: kamieniceszczytnicka.pl

The front elevation and details such as stucco elements, mosaic floors or wrought-iron balustrades and balconies will be carefully restored in accordance with conservation guidelines. The interior of the building will be similarly restored. The reconstruction to be carried out involves the replacement of ceilings and the necessary installations such as electricity, water and sewage systems, ventilation and central heating. Each of the tenement houses will receive a modern lift. The concept is the responsibility of the ADAMICZKA.BROMA architectural studio from Wrocław. The area through which Szczytnicka Street (former Scheitnigerstrasse) runs used to be called Zatum. Before the Second World War, the area was built up with townhouses from the 19th and early 20th centuries

Szczytnicka 29a in 1940 and 2021. Source: National Archives in Wrocław and Google Maps

Szczytnicka townhouses before and after renovation. Source: Neo[EZN] License: CC-BY-SA 3.0 and kamieniceszczytnicka.pl

The three buildings currently undergoing restoration were erected between 1894 and 1897 on land previously owned by the landowner Schottländer. The master mason Kopale was responsible for their construction. After the construction work was completed, the ground floor of the townhouses began their service premises. A bakery, a florist’s shop, a jeweller’s shop and a Consum-Verein merchant’s store were opened there. Some of the buildings on the street were destroyed as a result of the war effort during the siege of Wroc³aw in 1945. The buildings to the south of the street disappeared almost completely and were scheduled for demolition (including the buildings on the street itself) to be incorporated into the new university district. Thanks to public intervention, the buildings along the street were saved. The empty spaces left by the demolished buildings after the war were filled in with seals. Already in the 21st century, modern office buildings Green Day and Green2Day complemented Szczytnicka Street on the side of Wyszyńskiego Street

Source: kamieniceszczytnicka.pl

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