Wizualizacja budynku po remoncie. Źródło: UM Warszawa

Renovations are underway at 46 Solec St. The tenement will regain lost detail!

The tenement at 46 Solec Street is undergoing renovation. The neglected building stands in a representative part of Powiśle, at an exposed junction of several streets. The building has not been renovated for years and its condition has gradually deteriorated. In 2019, the Warsaw City Hall finally began the long-awaited renovation of the building

The tenement house at 46 Solec St. was built in 1901 and was intended for workers from the then-factory Powiśle. It managed to survive the Second World War without major damage. In the following years, however, the property did not receive proper renovations and modernisation, which led to its problems. Fungus appeared in the building, as the facility lacked central heating, as well as private toilets

A visualisation of the building after renovation. Source: Warsaw City Hall

Residents appealed to the authorities to pay attention to their difficult conditions and the state of the building. In 2017, the case was taken up by Jan Śpiewak, then a councillor for Śródmieście. After a year, the matter moved forward and a tender was launched. Thanks to the efforts of the Downtown District Board and the Property Management Company, it was possible to obtain the funds needed to carry out the long-awaited renovation

The building before renovation and visualised after. Source: Google Maps and Warsaw City Hall

The courtyard of the tenement before and after renovation. Source: UM Warszawa

After its completion, the tenement will be handed over as a municipal building. All facades will be renovated, with lost details returned. Each flat will have central heating, a kitchenette and a bathroom. Utility units will be created on the ground floor. There will also be storage rooms, a bicycle room and a trolley room in the building. The courtyard is also to be renovated. The building at 46 Solec Street is to be adapted for the disabled. Lifts will be created and thresholds will be eliminated
The BLANK ARCHITEKCI company from Ruda Śląska is responsible for the redevelopment project

Source: Warsaw CityHall

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