Żyrandole na Piotrkowskiej 118

Revitalisation of 118 Piotrkowska St. Giant chandeliers will be hung in the courtyard!

The revitalisation of 118 Piotrkowska Street is in full swing! The historical character of this 19th century property has been taken into account and it has every chance of becoming a new tourist attraction on the map of Łódź. The cost of the investment will amount to PLN 25 million!

The completely renovated building will house 14 fully furnished council flats, several service units, two art studios, as well as rooms where the offices of the Municipal Consumer Ombudsman and the Women’s Rights Centre Foundation will be opened.

Revitalisation of 118 Piotrkowska Street and large chandeliers

The big attraction at this address will undoubtedly be the courtyard. Thanks to the newly created penetrations, it will become an internal passage with access to the properties at 61 and 61 Sienkiewicza Street, and further on also to pl. Komuny Paryskiej and the Schiller Passage. But that’s not all – three decorative glass chandeliers will hang above the courtyard, thanks to an artistic installation by Andrzej Fogtt and Przemysław Gajowiak. They will give the courtyard a unique character. It can be expected that this will be another tourist pilgrimage destination, comparable even to the Passage of the Roses.

The courtyard itself is being reorganised as a recreational area for residents. Several valuable trees have been preserved – a silver and common maple, a chestnut tree, a bearded birch and a small-leaved lime tree. There will be additional vegetation, including eight new trees, numerous shrubs (bouquet hydrangeas and holly) and perennials. This will be complemented by pergolas planted with climbing greenery.

source: UM Łódź / www.lodz.pl

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