Rybnik: the city will buy back a pre-war building. Offices for officials will be created

The green light for the takeover of the building was given by the Rybnik City Council during a session on 27 July. The pre-war building will be purchased from Bank Pekao S.A..It is likely that city officials will soon be working here

The building is a symbol of the city’s pre-war aspirations. The representative building is located on the corner of Bolesława Chrobrego and 3 Maja Streets. It is a four-storey edifice, which was built in the functionalist style. Its characteristic element is the flagpole at the top. Before the war, this was the headquarters of the Municipal Savings Bank. The building was one of the few that was part of the vision of a modern Rybnik – a visionary project dreamt up by the then mayor Władysław Weber

The decision to purchase this historic building, which is listed in the Municipal Register of Historical Monuments of the City of Rybnik, is of course important from the point of view of protecting one of the architectural icons of our city. Most importantly, however, the new premises will significantly improve the comfort of service for residents. Due to its location, accessibility and proximity to the main building of the Municipal Office, the building fits in perfectly with the quarter of official buildings. Thanks to this, both the customers of the office and its employees will be able to move quickly and efficiently within the three buildings located by Bolesława Chrobrego 2 and 8 and Zamkowa St. – convinces Piotr Kuczera, the Mayor of Rybnik

Currently, the pre-war building at 8 Chrobrego Street is abandoned. Previously, its space was used for administrative and office purposes. Banks and financial institutions operated here. Among others, the District Mining Authority had its headquarters here

The ground floor and the first storey of the building practically do not require renovation, but only refreshing, so it is here that we would first like to relocate the departments and offices previously occupying the building on Rzeczna Street and the premises rented in “Hermes “, explains Robert Cebula, the Secretary of the City of Rybnik

In addition, the councillors agreed to purchase a small area at 3 Maja Street, which is currently a car park. It is a fragment with old trees, which is an extension of the Rozalia Biegeszowa green space. The site will probably be turned into a green square

source: Municipality of Rybnik, photo: Google Street View

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