Samsung’s smart home appliances will save energy. Here is the BESPOKE AI

Their world premiere had three unveilings. Samsung’s new smart home appliances were unveiled within 24 hours, in Seoul, Paris and New York, respectively. The company showed how it can reduce electricity consumption if we tap into the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence.

Jong-Hee (JH) Han, Vice Chairman, CEO and Head of Device eXperience (DX) Division at Samsung Electronics, kicked off the series of events around the world, opening the media event in Seoul, ‘Welcome BESPOKE AI’, with the words: – Since the launch of the BESPOKE series in 2019, Samsung has shown how devices can be customised to suit everyone’s home and lifestyle. Now, five years later, we are sharing our innovative vision of AI in devices, which makes us extend the Bespoke concept even further. And all thanks to the immense possibilities of artificial intelligence, bringing the consumer experience to an even higher level.

With Wi-Fi modules, internal cameras, AI chips and compatibility with the SmartThings app, Samsung’s latest Bespoke AI devices are packed with enhanced features to create a truly smart home. In particular, the new AI Home, a connected – 7-inch LCD display, is another product that provides intuitive, easy access and control of the entire connected ecosystem.

AI Home includes a Map View feature that provides users with a full 3D view of the home, allowing them to easily locate and control all connected devices. For example, when users are cooking in the kitchen and feel the temperature is too high, they can turn on the air conditioner in other rooms using the AI Home screen on the induction hob without leaving pots and pans unattended. While doing the laundry, meanwhile, users can use the AI Home screen on the washing machine to start the vacuuming robot in the living room without having to go elsewhere. What’s more, AI Home not only makes housework easier, but also simply more enjoyable. While cooking, users can play their favourite songs, watch videos in the app or look up recipes on the screen.

Given that we have our smartphones with us most of the time, the new Mobile Smart Connect function sends a notification to the phone when it is in close proximity to connected devices. The notification includes a quick control menu so users no longer have to look around the house to find the right remote control. It also eliminates several unnecessary steps and clicks that were required to access the same functions in the SmartThings app.

At the BESPOKE AI event, Samsung also unveiled a new ‘Calm Onboarding’ feature that makes it easier for users to add a new product to their home ecosystem. It frees them from the hassle of registering a device, for the reason that it directly enrolls new products within a Samsung account in the SmartThings app.

To keep users safe as they enter the era of integrated home appliances, Samsung also pays special attention to its Knox Matrix security platform, which protects all user data on said devices. In fact, the 4-door AI Family Hub™ refrigerator has become the first product in the industry to be verified as meeting the ‘diamond’ level of IoT security by UL Solutions, a leading global security research company that evaluates hundreds of marketing claims each year. Other Family Hub models using the same technology and the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo™ AI robot have also passed the same verification.

AI extends the capabilities of the household appliance function

The most distinctive difference between the three events in different corners of the world, apart from the location of course, is the product line-up presented at the respective press conferences.

The “BESPOKE AI” event in Seoul started with the largest offering of the three locations with 14 new products, including.: the Bespoke French Door fridge with AI Family Hub™ screen, a hybrid fridge, the Bespoke Infinite line of induction cooktops, the Bespoke AI Laundry Combo™ washer and dryer, the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo™ AI cleaning robot, the Bespoke Jet AI hoover,™ the Bespoke CubeTM Air Infinite line of air purifiers, a 4-door fridge with Peltier technology and much more.

the 4-door French Door fridge, AI Family Hub™ becomes the main control centre for everything food related, connecting the fridge to other appliances in the home. The AI Family Hub™ , is a large LCD screen on the front right panel of the fridge where users can view recommended recipes and play music and videos. The AI Family Hub™ fridge is equipped with AI Vision Inside, which uses an internal camera to identify 33 fresh foods being put in and taken out of the fridge. The recognised foods are displayed and can be managed on the Family Hub™ screen, as well as checked in the SmartThings app.

Another key product is the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo™ AI, a vacuuming and cleaning robot with mop, equipped with AI-enhanced features such as AI smart recognition and Steam cleaning station , enabling better cleaning results with less effort. AI intelligent recognition works in different ways. It uses AI’s deep neural network (DNN) model and camera to recognise a variety of objects, including people, pets and hard-to-see objects such as thin telephone cables, rugs or mats. The AI Floor Detect function detects the type of floor to be cleaned and, once carpets are detected, the vacuum robot decides whether to pick up the mop or leave it in place to avoid wet carpet contamination. It is also equipped with Clean Station Steam , which offers a range of functions for automatic maintenance of the machine, such as emptying the dust bag, refilling the water tank, mopping and intensive steam cleaning of the mop. Clean Station Steam even sprays high-temperature steam onto the mop surface, reducing 99.99% of harmful bacteria.

As energy efficiency is an important criterion in the European market, a new energy-efficient extra wide (extra wide) fridge-freezer and washing machine line was also presented at the BESPOKE AI event in Paris. The extra wide fridge-freezer is the first of its kind on the European market to receive an ‘A’ rating under European energy standards, thanks to Samsung’s unique solutions. The new washing machine line-up ranges from A-10%, through A-20% to the most energy-efficient A-40% model. The particularly energy-efficient A-40% model is equipped with Bubble Shot technology, which saves energy by pumping water inside the drum and spraying it over the surface of the clothes.

The Bespoke AI Laundry Combo™, showcased at both the Seoul and New York events, is an all-in-one washer and dryer with the benefits of two separate appliances. The combo is equipped with various AI functions, such as remembering users’ periodic and seasonal needs and recommending the optimal wash cycle. With the AI Opti Wash & Dry™ feature, the Bespoke AI Laundry Combo™ intelligently adjusts the wash and dry performance for each load and detects the weight of the laundry to dispense the correct amount of water and detergent. It also detects the type of fabric and monitors the level of soiling during the cycle, adding more detergent and changing the wash time if necessary. It then adjusts the drying process according to the weight and fabric type of the clothes being washed. Once the cycle is complete, users can check the amount of detergent and water used thanks to a report provided in the SmartThings app.

A unique appliance unveiled only at the event held at the Samsung 837 Centre in New York is the Slide-in Range (Slide-in Range) from the Bespoke Series with AI Home screen. This product is a multifunctional induction oven that also has various features that make life easier. It is equipped with an internal camera that allows users to look inside from remote locations, such as using the TV in the living room, or even from outside the home using the SmartThings app on mobile phones. This allows users to record a short time-lapse video clip of the highlights of the food preparation process and share it on social media.

What’s more, Samsung is the first company in the industry to bring generative artificial intelligence to household devices. In particular, Bixby, Samsung’s voice assistant, will be crucial here. Generative artificial intelligence will allow Bixby to go a step further than its current ability to execute one command at a time, understand complex sentences and make natural conversations. Most notably, it will be able to understand complex requests, such as ‘Turn on the air conditioner in Wind Free mode and let me know what the weather is’. It can also remember context from previous interactions for continuity, so if a user instructs Bixby to turn off the air purifier and then adds, “Oh, and the TV too”, Bixby can help make both requests. Users can also count on Bixby to suggest solutions on its own, by simply saying “The living room smells damp”, or asking “What should I do with all those potatoes I bought yesterday?”. Bixby will interpret these multi-layered tasks and respond naturally to users’ prompts.

What will the future bring?

The SmartThings app continues to evolve, allowing users to further save on energy consumption after purchasing a product. Features such as Optimal Charging, for example, have been added so that users can strategically plan their energy consumption. SmartThings Energy allows them to easily monitor and control the amount of energy used by connected Samsung devices. The company also plans to launch a new Samsung Rewards programme in the near future, which will allow users to receive special points each day if they save a certain amount of energy using AI Energy mode. Accumulated points will be redeemable and usable on, Samsung Galaxy store and other Samsung shopping platforms.

Samsung has also entered into a unique partnership with British Gas to further intensify its efforts to reduce energy consumption. Through this partnership by combining the ‘Auto Demand Response’ feature in SmartThings Energy with British Gas’s PeakSave – Samsung is allowing users to enjoy additional energy savings.

As a key player in the industry, Samsung has revealed its intention to use next-generation technology for purposes beyond creating innovative products. This involves the use of engineering solutions that extend the life cycle of devices and reduce the frequency of replacement. Some of the methods presented at the press conference include: Hybrid Cooling, newly installed high-powered ‘Peltier’ thermoelectric components combined with a compressor, resulting in improved cooling performance and efficiency, and low-maintenance filters for air purifiers that eliminate the need to purchase or replace filters.

Equipment safety is also an important factor that Samsung prioritises. The company is pursuing and extending product responsibility certifications across all appliance categories, including reduced fire risk (RFR) certification for new products. This is a guarantee that certified appliances[27] are designed to effectively prevent product-caused fires.

At the end of the ‘Welcome to BESPOKE AI’ event, Samsung also revealed that it is currently collaborating with a Disney and Pixar film titled. “Inside Out 2” (theatrical release on 14 June this year[28]) to inform the features of the Bespoke AI Laundry Combo™. A trailer, ‘Inside Out 2’, was presented, showing how the new AI BubbleTM-equipped washing machine can take the stress out of laundry.

source: Samsung press materials.

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