She designed a radiator made of stone

This is a project that came about as part of a student competition. The stone radiator was designed by Wioletta Dorożko, a student of Interior Design at the Faculty of Architecture, Bialystok University of Technology.

The radiator is an interior design element that we have to use in the Polish climate. Esteemed people will turn to underfloor heating, thanks to which the often aesthetically troublesome heat source is not visible at all. Wioletta Dorożko had her own idea for this item. The student decided to create a stone radiator that not only gives heat, but also decorates the interior.

The project was created as part of a student competition organised during a design class. The class was taught by Dr. Arch. Radosław Górski, and the organiser was the Marmur Granit stonemasonry company in Solniczki, which at the time also manufactured stone radiators. The students were tasked with creating a spatial form from stone that would act as a wall heater. Stone is an excellent conductor of heat, durable and noble, making it an ideal material for this type of interior element.

Theidea behind the preparation of my project was to create a subtle form that would be a backdrop highlighting the beauty of natural stone, in this case Emperador Light marble,” explains designer Wioletta Dorożko.

The student proposed a form alluding to an ellipsoid. She concealed the heating device in the back wall of the radiator, and its shape ensures that heat is emitted evenly.

She designed further designs in the collection based on geometric modifications of the basic shape. The whole is decorated with a steel frame, which, in addition to its aesthetic function, can serve as a towel holder.

design: Wioletta Dorożko

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