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Sleeping pods and a parcel machine. New facilities at Chopin Airport!

Sleeping capsules and a parcel machine have been erected at Chopin Airport. The function of the capsules is obvious, while the parcel machines are intended to help passengers who cannot pass through security checks. Thanks to the parcel machine, passengers will be able to send the problematic product back to the indicated address without having to throw it away at the airport.

At Warsaw Chopin Airport, passengers can already take advantage of two new facilities. A Paczkomat® device from InPost and sleeping pods have been put at their disposal. Paczkomat® was launched for travellers whose items carried in hand luggage have not passed security checks. Sleeping capsules are the ideal solution for passengers waiting for a connecting flight.

Paczkomat® at Chopin Airport – the first such solution in Europe.

The service can be used by passengers who have had items in their hand luggage questioned by the security control operator. In a situation where an item is found in the baggage that should go in the checked-in baggage (e.g. perfume or a souvenir penknife), the passenger can send it using the Paczkomat® device. Previously, such an item had to be discarded or, if the traveller still had time to do so, it could be sent in checked baggage

The possibility of sending parcels directly from the baggage control area at the airport is the first solution of its kind not only in Poland, but also in Europe. We are meeting the expectations of many passengers at our airport. Often, out of absentmindedness or ignorance, travellers proceed to security control with an unauthorised item in their luggage. They usually no longer have the opportunity or time to return to the check-in area. Now, thanks to InPost’s devices, they can safely send their valuable item to the chosen address. – says Anna Dermont, Chopin Airport spokesperson

The Paczkomat® device is located in the Fast Track aisle, in baggage control area E of Chopin Airport. In the event that a passenger approaches the security check with an unauthorised item, they will be able to choose to use the InPost service. In such a situation, the Airport Security Service employee conducting the check will place the item in a ziplock bag and secure the contents. The passenger will then be directed to the Fast Track aisle. There, after purchasing a “fast track”, he or she will be able to pack the item in a carton of the appropriate size and place it in the Parcel Machine®

The parcel is sent via the InPost Mobile app. The Paczkomat® at Chopin Airport only allows for domestic shipping, to a second parcel machine or to a specified address. Once the parcel has been placed in the machine, the passenger will pass the security check already in the Fast Track area, allowing them to catch their flight in peace

Sleeping pods at Chopin Airport

Sleeping capsules are another convenience for travellers. This is an ideal solution for people waiting for a long connecting flight or passengers who have to spend the night at the airport. Sleeping pods are already in use in many airports around the world and are very popular with travellers

Sleeping pods are another travel facilitation solution that we are introducing at our airport. We are thus meeting the needs of passengers who are unable to leave the terminal and use traditional hotel accommodation. This is why the facilities are located in the non-Schengen area. We believe that in this way we will improve the comfort of waiting for a transfer at our airport – says Anna Dermont, spokesperson for Chopin Airport

Four sleeping pods and two high-quality seats with a massage function are located in the non-Schengen zone, in the area of bus gates 1N-2N. Initially, passengers will only be able to use the zone at night, from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. At a later stage, the service will be available around the clock. One hour of use of the capsule will cost PLN 60, two hours will cost PLN 110, and each additional hour will cost an additional PLN 40. In addition to being able to rest, the price includes a blindfold, earplugs, slippers and a pillow. Travellers who purchase an overnight stay in the capsule will also enjoy a complimentary 10-minute chair massage. The standard price for a 10-minute massage is £40, 20 minutes costs £60 and half an hour is £70.Source, photos: https://www.lotnisko-chopina.pl/

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