Szczecin: by donating plastic bottles you support an animal shelter

Bottle dispensers have been set up in Szczecin, where plastic bottles can be thrown in. Every bottle handed in equals one point on the resident’s virtual account, regardless of its size. The 100 points collected can be donated to the local animal shelter. For every 100 points, the shelter will receive PLN 10.

Financial support for the shelter is just one option. Collected points can also be exchanged for discounts on tickets for events organised by the city’s institutions. So far, there are five bottle machines in the city. The devices can be found:

– near the entrance to the Dąbie swimming pool

– near the entrance to Arkonka

– near the Netto Arena

– at the entrance to the railway station (from Owocowa Street)

– by the Mayowe skatepark.

The bottle machines have been designed to accept plastic bottles from 0.5 to 2.5 litres in size. In order for the machine to recognise the size of the bottle, it must be inserted with the barcode upwards.

Bottles with caps are accepted, but there is also a separate, smaller opening for the caps themselves, said Paulina Lątka of the City Information Centre.

Points are counted thanks to the RecomApp loyalty app, which is available for Android and iOS operating systems. After dropping off the bottle, scan the QR code from the app and the points will be credited to the user’s account. Bottles can also be donated without using the app.

Szczecin residents can support a shelter for homeless animals. Each 100 points is converted into PLN 10, which goes to the shelter. Importantly, it is not necessary to collect as many as 100 bottles to help the shelter. Even a few points can be transferred to a virtual account. Points can also be spent on rewards and discounts. Users can take advantage of offers visible in the app.

The idea of setting up bottle dispensers in Szczecin was proposed by the residents themselves. The project was submitted to the Szczecin Civic Budget. The purchase, installation and maintenance of the machines for 36 months cost PLN 890 000. The contractor for the service is the company R3 Polska.

source: SzczecinCity Hall

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