Take care of yourself! Slow Space by PUMA in Wrocław

A month-long pop-up under the motto Slow Space by PUMAwill soon be launched. This time the event will be held in Wrocław. Previously, meetings were held in Warsaw and Krakow. Their third edition will start on 18 September in the capital of Lower Silesia

Slow Space by PUMA is an event in which the brand suggests how to take care of one’s health and fitness. For nearly a month, the specially arranged space at 70 Szewska Street will host group workshops, yoga, Pilates, intuitive dance and fitness training classes. Participants will be able to take part in individual consultations, all of which will be supported by movement specialists and trainers

The Slow Space by PUMA event is being held at the initiative of Ola Kwiatkowska, creator of the Slow Living Poland project, in cooperation with PUMA, which, as the event’s main partner, has been working with inspirational ambassadors and supporting women’s initiatives all over the world for years. The aim of these activities is to build their self-confidence and encourage their own development

A highlight of Slow Space by PUMA are the SWEATY ENDORPHINS workouts. Their participants will exercise together with brand ambassador Marta Kruk (Everyday Fit). The ambassador publishes motivational content and videos on her website and social media so that physical health can be taken care of without leaving the house. However, there will be more physical activities – group Pilates workshops or yoga practice

Throughout the month on Szewska Street, there will be opportunities to take care of mental and physical health. The format of the activities on offer is intended to be an incentive to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to slow down, wrap up and pay attention to themes of sensitivity, intimacy and emotions. Those wishing to do so will be able to use the Slow Space by PUMA from 18 September to 14 October. Activities will take place six days a week.

Slow Space by PUMA – activity description

The coming autumn is an opportunity to take a break, stop and slow down. The yoga classes conducted by Ola Kwiatkowska (Slow Living Poland), Magda Janik, Natalia Zięba and Magda Małkiewicz will help you relax. Pilates exercises will help to improve body flexibility. Here, the experts are Kornelia Mulak and Dagmara Syprzak. Fitness training will be led by Marta Kruk (Everyday Fit). The organisers plan for Tuesdays and Thursdays to be days devoted to individual meetings with specialists: ayurvedic consultant Maria Pronobis and gynaecological osteopath Anna Dalszewska

The event will also take place at weekends. Group workshops will then be organised, led by psychologist Marta Niedźwiecka, psychotherapist Ania Cyklińska, product and space designer Joanna Jurga and beauty coach Aleksandra Knaflewska. On the eighth of October, there will be an Open Day, during which you will be able to listen to a lecture with Marta Niedźwiecka, have a morning meditation session and yoga practice with Ola Kwiatkowska and talk about body care with Yves Rocher brand experts

The event’s partner is the Nałęczowianka brand, which will provide drinking water. As part of this cooperation, “If not NA£ then when?” training sessions will be organised. There will be a total of four such meetings, and the mentors here will be Iga Majewska (Warsaw Pilates) – Pilates classes and Ola Kwiatkowska – yoga practitioner

The aforementioned “Stress Relief” training sessions will be combined with self-massage of the face and head. Ola Kwiatkowska and experts from the Yves Rocher brand, which is also a partner of the event, will help in the fight against stress. Another brand that will be active during Slow Space by PUMA is Philips. As part of this collaboration, “Sensual Body by Philips Lumea” sessions are planned, where participants will learn the secrets of intuitive dance. Dancer and choreographer Ilona Bekier Ekwa is responsible for this part of the pop-up

How to apply to take part?

The events are subject to registration. This way the organisers have control over the number of participants and will be able to ensure optimum attendance. The first pool of tickets will be available from 8 September. All you need to do then is go to www.slowspacebypuma.pl and fill in a short form. A symbolic fee of PLN 20 applies. The total income will be donated to the statutory purposes of the “Świadomi” Foundation in Wrocław. This foundation runs the PSYCHE Centre in Wrocław, where you can receive support from psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists

Slow Space by PUMA will operate in a pop-up in Wrocław at 70 Szewska Street (entrance from Wita Stwosza Street) from 18 September to 14 October

source: PUMA

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