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The 10th edition of the Poznań Design Festival ‘Communication. Conversations in times of uncertainty”

This year’s 10th edition of Poznań Design Festival will be organised under the motto ‘Communication. Conversations in times of uncertainty’. The event is a treat for fans of design, architecture and people aware of public spaces and the role they play in the life of the city. The festival will run for nine days and will look at design as a way of thinking creatively and solving social and environmental problems

History comes full circle. The first edition of the festival, 10 years ago, was also accompanied by the slogan ‘communication’. The organisers are deliberately returning to this theme. ‘Communication. Conversations in a time of uncertainty” is an attempt to capture the transformations that have taken place in Poland over the last ten years

Together with the invited guests and guest speakers, we will focus on trying to answer a number of questions. What are the challenges facing designers today? What should a modern communication process look like? What language should accompany it? We will consider how changing realities (economic, social, geopolitical, climate) and our needs, lifestyles, work and communication styles, affect design communities that want to create sustainable products and services. We will be discussing these and other issues with designers, architects, manufacturers, representatives of science and business in various spaces in Poznań, says the festival’s director,żelika Jabłońska

More than 60 events have been prepared for the participants of the event in six programme blocks: exhibitions, lectures, Kids Design, workshops for adults, accompanying events and the “Poznań Craftsmen” project. Admission to all events is free

The festival will be inaugurated by a series of lectures and discussions dedicated to this year’s motto, Poznań Design Talks. During the conference, 10 male and female speakers will take the floor in three discussion panels. Participants will talk about what communication is in architecture, design and public space. They will also discuss the relationship between craft traditions and contemporary design. The organisers will look at the challenges and opportunities that arise in the area of promoting intangible heritage. 22. 09. g. 10 a.m. Scena Nowa CK ZAMEK and 26.09. 5.30 p.m. – 7 p.m .Future Labs, ul.Zwierzyniecka 20

The programme of the Poznań Design Festival includes twelve exhibitions, including the festival’s main exhibition “Design as a communication tool. How do we communicate in the field of design? What tools do professionals use to involve city dwellers in decision-making processes concerning public space? What makes us feel good? Such examples will be presented by the curator of the exhibition, Paweł Grobelny. Opening: 22.09. at 18:00, Stary Browar, Słodownia1

In turn, the exhibition Communication / communicare prepared by the curatorial team: Ewa Maria Śmigielska, Magdalena Umeda and Jakub Pionte (Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw) will describe various design practices that become the material for communication. The exhibition will show examples of forms of communication that have been created by people using different materials, structures and materials. Opening: 22.09., 18:00, Stary Browar, Malt House1

Wild Dinner – Agata Kiedrowicz

With the exhibition “Wild Dinner”, curator Agata Kiedrowicz will talk about the experience of communication through the senses in an unconventional way. She will touch upon themes of locality, self-sufficiency and eating as a practice through which we communicate with our senses. Opening on 22.09, 8 p.m. I Pyramida Hub Gallery, 64 Garbary St . The exhibition will be accompanied by two special dinners prepared with wild herbs (registration will apply for the dinners)

“A place that (doesn’t) live” is a fascinating journey through backyard development concepts in the centre of Poznań; a journey that is part of the current debate on public spaces and the role they play in our daily lives. The exhibition presents a variety of projects that enrich and transform urban courtyards into lively and inspiring environments. The exhibition shows the potential of one such place, located in Poznań between Zwierzyniecka, Gajowa, Sienkiewicz and Mickiewicza streets. Is this patch of the city worth fighting for? Do we have any influence on the space around us? The exhibition is open from 25-29.09., 8:00-16:00, Future Labs, 20 Zwierzyniecka Street

Isolated but connected – Robot Gentelman

Other exhibitions

“Isolatedbut Connected – a collection of interactive exhibits that show the various facets of communication in computer games. Curated by Robot Gentleman, Vernissage 22.09, 20.00, Pyramida Hub, 64 Garbary Street

Happy“. Curators: Tomek Świtalski and Olga Kiedrowicz-Świtalska, Academy of Art Szczecin,Stary Browar, Słodownia1

Between Sviatoslava Sadowska, Jerzy Sadowski and Mixer Group: Monika Ulańska, Dorota Gaj-Woźniak, Robert Woźniak, Słodownia 1

HAHAHA / AHAHAH, From Art Practice to Typography 2.0“, Honza Zamojski Threedotstype, 3 Szyperska Street

Furniture – a certainty in times of uncertainty – works by students from the Department of Furniture Design at the University of Life Sciences, furniture design studio of Dr Anna Owsian and Prof Marek Owsian, Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology, 38/42 Wojska Polskiego St., room no. 9, ground floor

“Enforced Proximity”. Curators: Julia Królikowska, Paweł Flieger, 9 Wolynska Street

“Traditional crafts versus contemporary craftsmen”. Author: Marcin Muth, Galeria w Bramie, 47 Garbary Street – accompanying event

You can read more about the festival on the official website www.poznandesignfestiwal.pl

Crafts have been of particular interest recently. Its uniqueness and traditions are becoming the basis for the activities of the Craftsmen’s Corner, the Poznań Heritage Centre or the Made in Art Foundation. For years, the organisers have been supporting and promoting Poznań-based craftsmen. This year, the “Poznań Craftsmen” project will have its debut in an expanded formula . Festival participants will be able to visit local craft studios, take part in workshops and talk about crafts – not only from Poznań, but also about the challenges, successes and activities for the benefit of crafts in Poland. The programme for this section also includes a photo exhibition by Tomasz Pluciński, films about Poznań craftsmen and a mini craft fair on the last day of the festival in Stary Browar

Poznań Design Festival is a wealth of workshops for children, teenagers, adults and seniors. It will be possible to print one of the festival’s designs for yourself on T-shirts or bags using the screen-printing technique during the Open Graphics Workshop, as well as to take part in a joint activity entitled Just Say A created by Tuu Magazine. People from Ukraine will be invited to a workshop on making creative business cards. On the other hand, at the workshops in the Kids Design block, the youngest will get acquainted with “communication” during the workshop “Is the deaf phone blind?”. Registration for the workshops will be mandatory


Festival venues:

Zamek Cultural Centre,Stary Browar,craft studios,Galeria Pyramida,Artist run space, 9WolynskaStreet, University ofLife Sciences, Future Labs, RobięTylkoToCoLubię, Brama Poznania.

The full programme is available at www.poznandesignfestiwal.pl, www.poznanscyrzemieslnicy.pl

Poznań Design Festival is organised by the Made in Art Foundation.

The event is co-financed by the City of Poznań.

The event “Poznań Craftsmen” is realised in cooperation with the City of Poznań, Zaułek Rzemiosła and Poznań Heritage Centre. The project is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Fund for the Promotion of Culture.

Honorary patronage PDF:

Mayor of the City of Poznań.

Media Patrons PDF:

Radio Afera, Lepszy Poznań, Architektura & Biznes, IKS, kultura.poznan.pl, Nowy Magazyn, Freshmag, WhiteMAD, TuuMagazyn


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