Dwór Uphagena
Budynek w przyszłości

The 19th-century Uphagen Manor will undergo renovation. The Gdańsk monument will once again host young couples

A new modernisation project by Gdanskie Nieruchomości has just been launched. The 19th-century Uphagen Manor at 5 Grunwaldzka Avenue in Wrzeszcz will become an ornament of the neighbourhood. The current building, known as Mon Plaisir, was built in 1814. It has undergone many changes over the years, yet retains its unique charm. Between 1976 and 2001, it served as the Wedding Palace, and now houses the Regional Information and Support Centre for Non-Governmental Organisations. The value of the investment is estimated at over PLN 3 million.

The first manor house already existed in the second half of the 18th century, but was destroyed. At the end of the 18th century, the estate was purchased by Jan Uphagen, who owned vast areas on both sides of today’s Grunwaldzka Avenue. A park was laid out in the area of this vast estate, and in 1814 the present manor house was built, which was called Mon Plaisir from the French (all pleasure on my side). In 1802, the owner of the manor and the manorial estate died. According to a testamentary bequest, the estate was taken over by Johann Carl Ernest, the nephew of the deceased.

Uphagen Manor – view of the façade circa 1910. Photo: Museum of Poland

Dwór Uphagena

Until 1945 it remained in private hands and was not destroyed during the warfare. After World War II, the building was taken over by the state authorities. It then served for a time as the seat of the Swedish consulate. In 1973, the building was entered in the provincial register of historical monuments. In the years 1976-2001, civil marriages were performed in the historic interiors, hence the name “Wedding Palace”, which the monument is sometimes referred to as.

Dwór Uphagena
The object today

For the last 20 years, the building has been home to the Regional Information and Support Centre for NGOs. Planned for completion in the fourth quarter of 2024, the foundation will continue to use the building after the renovation, but it will also provide space for wedding ceremonies again. The scope of the construction work will include the restoration and conservation of historic and original elements, but also the replacement of some installations and the reconstruction of some rooms to make them more functional and adaptable to new functions.

The contractor for the renovation work in the Uphagen Manor is Wezambud from Żnin, a company selected in a tender by Gdańskie Nieruchomości.

Source: Gdańskie Nieruchomości, gdansk.pl

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