The facade was made from fished out bottles. Tiffany & Co boutique in Shanghai

The Tiffany & Co boutique is located in the Shanghai airport area. Its façade is decorated with blue motifs whose form resembles a coral reef. These elements were printed in 3D printers and the raw material was recycled plastic that was fished from the ocean

The boutique with its unusual façade was designed by architects from the Dutch studio MVRDV. Polish architect Natalia Lipczuk was involved in the design work

The façade is kept in a blue colour scheme and resembles a grid with large openings through which one can see what is most important – the interior of the boutique. This form of the boutique’s outer wall is meant to evoke a coral reef. It is made from plastic fished from the ocean, which was specially processed and then used as a raw material for 3D printers, to remind us of the need to design with full environmental awareness. The recycled plastic consisted of, among other things, bottles and abandoned fishing nets

The decorative element was created with the help of Aectuel from Amsterdam and engineers from Milan-based BUROMILAN. When working on the design of the boutique, the MVRDV designers were inspired by the distinctive elements that are associated with the Tiffany & Co brand

Drawing on the company’s design heritage, the Tiffany & Co boutique draws on the world of flora and fauna. Here, MVRDV’s designers have used the motif of coral reefs that are found around Singapore. In contrast, the interior of the shop is almost all white. It is a simple and elegant backdrop for the products on display inside

design: MVRDV – Jacob van Rijs, Fokke Moerel, Aser Gimenez Ortega, Elien Deceuninck, Simone Costa, Monica Di Salvo, Xiaoyi Qin, Natalia Lipczuk, Yayun Liu, Jaka Korla

photo: Tiffany&Co, source: MVRDV

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