The old depot in Lodz will be rebuilt. This is what it will look like

It’s a more than 100-year-old facility. The old depot in the Helenówek district of Lodz will soon be transformed into a modern Technical Department. The trams that run in Łódź will be repaired and modernised here. MPK Łódź has signed a contract for the redevelopment of the facility

Today, the depot at Helenówek in Łódź is closed. However, it will soon become vibrant again. The plan is to relocate the MPK Łódź Technical Department there, which today is located on Tramway Street. It is here that Łódź trams are repaired

This is a long-awaited investment. The largest property investment in MPK’s history. We have an excellent staff educated and prepared to provide very specialised services in the field of renovation, repair and modernisation. Without this facility, without these people, we would not be able to function as a tram transport company,” says Zbigniew Papierski, the president of MPK-Łódź

The project involves the reconstruction of the facility while preserving its historic character. A new feature will be two additional wings, which will be set back from Zgierska Street

The former gatehouse building will also be rebuilt. The new part on the eastern side will be used for ongoing rolling stock repairs

The facility will be able to work in two shifts with a total of 200 production and 25 office staff. The investment will cost PLN 129 million and will last 24 months from the time the contract is signed,” reads the information on the łódź.pl website

Nine companies competed in the tender for the redevelopment of the depot. The best offer was submitted by INKOMET

source: MPK-Łódź Sp. z o.o., łódź.pl

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