Park Akcji "Burza"

The Operation Storm park has undergone renovation. It has been enriched with new elements

The “Storm” Action Park in Warsaw’s Mokotow district has undergone renovation. Its space has been tidied up and landscaped in accordance with the historical symbolism of the place, as well as with nature in mind. New greenery and amenities for users have appeared. The investment was supervised by the Warsaw City Greenery Board as part of an EU project

The “Storm” Action Park is a symbolic place for the whole of Warsaw, which is why it was among the 100 projects promised to the inhabitants of the capital by President Rafał Trzaskowski. The park was made available to Warsaw residents on the eve of the 79th anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising. There are many places here that refer to the memorable events of 1944. There are also new facilities: a nature trail, a footbridge among the trees or a recreational zone for children

Park Akcji "Burza"

Many places in the modernised Operation Storm Park refer to the events of the past. Those entering from Bartycka Street will see an original historical exhibition telling the story of the rebuilding of Warsaw. The ruins of the capital are displayed here in magnificent gabions, along with information boards. Visiting the exhibition, one gets the impression of wandering through a labyrinth of ruins of the destroyed city. Smaller-scale fragments of the ruins are also displayed along the renovated steps of the W Hour Avenue. The Warsaw Uprising Mound in the park also refers to history. At its top, visitors can use a viewing platform with a renewed symbol of Fighting Poland mounted on a new plinth. For 63 days, from 1 August to 2 October, the monument is to be illuminated in a way that imitates a flame. A place for a memorial bonfire has also been created near the monument

There are two routes to the top of the Mound – a staircase with resting places and illuminated railings, and a re-built ravine whose walls are made of rubble concrete. This is a reference to the history of the Mound, which was raised from the rubble of the capital after the war. As part of the investment, the park has been adapted to the needs of people with disabilities or carers with children. There is a smooth transition from the ravines to the nature trail. Benches and chairs have been placed along it. Boards have also been placed along the path to provide information on the specifics of ruderal nature, pioneer plant species, fauna and flora of the site. The path route leads to a footbridge among the trees. As part of the redevelopment, more than 450 young parkland trees and around 8,500 woodland tree seedlings were planted on the Mound, as well as numerous shrubs and perennials of native species. Wildlife zones with limited human access have also been preserved

The reconstruction of the park under the Warsaw Uprising Mound cost more than PLN 24 million. The design of the changes was prepared by topoScape and Archigrest studios. Construction work was carried out by the Remondis company. The investment was realised as part of the EU project No. POIS.02.05.00-00-0116/16 entitled Creation of green areas with historical symbolism in the area of the capital city of Warsaw, co-financed by the Cohesion Fund under the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment 2014-2020


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