The STARIUM.CX™ brand has unveiled a new capsule collection entitled – [MULTIDISCXPLINARY*]

This is a first-of-its-kind combination of streetwear fashion with the art of young, internationally recognised Polish artists who originate from the graffuturism/urban art trend. Renowned names such as Łukasz Habiera, known as Nawer, Łukasz Berger, or Cekas, and sculptor Bartosz Janczak created unique objects and artwork for the Starium brand, which were presented in the unique STAR[✶]OOM space and on the clothes of the collection

The first object created as part of this unique collaboration is a cabinet for the turntable and vinyl collection. The r-m studio, represented by Marzena Radkiewicz-Metko and Przem Metko, was responsible for the design and project

The minimalist cabinet was made of top-quality birch plywood with sliding fronts on which Nawer created his artwork. Nawer’s artwork is also reflected on the black t-shirt

The second unique artwork in the collection STARIUM.CX™ and an element of STAR[✶]OOM is a painting by Cekas (size 100×100), which is a graphic redefinition of the logo of the STARIUM.CX™. The painting was created on linen canvas and the graphic was created using high-quality acrylic spray paint

The final highly impressive piece of furniture/’museum object’ is a deconstructivist 3-metre high bench with a recliner, which was designed by acclaimed sculptor Bartek Janczak. Janczak also made a graphic of the sculpture [Pi*], which was applied to the back of a graphite t-shirt STARIUM.CX
In addition, the brand, together with the artists, has prepared a series of mini prints, now available in the online shop

The [MULTIDISCXPLINARY*] capsule is another portion of good, quality streetwear. This is the brand’s 7th collection, featuring high-quality t-shirts made from premium combed cotton and hand-stitched camo shorts with interesting asymmetrical pockets. Another piece in the collection is a hoodie made of premium, thick combed cotton with typography designed by Piotr Chuchla

New designs STARIUM.CX™ are a tribute to Polish young art, as well as to multidisciplinarity. The collection is maintained in a futuristic and minimalist atmosphere, to which the brand has already become accustomed. The entire collection was designed and sewn in Poland

An important role in the collection was played by the materials – the highest quality combed premium cotton used in the t-shirts or thick 500 g premium heavy fleece cotton used in the hoodie


Brand STARIUM.CX™ was originally conceived as a ‘platform’ focusing on the design of minimalist and futuristic clothing and the popularisation of future beats music in the broadest sense – new sounds such as rap, trap, grime, bass and electronic music. Since its foundation, the concept STARIUM.CX™ has evolved – from a DJ project, moving towards fashion and design. Initially, there were limited edition sweatshirts and t-shirts. Today, the brand offers entire loos and accessories in its collections

The photographer of the campaign and lookbook is Maria Hodis (@mary_hodis)

About the authors of the collection

Łukasz Habiera NAWER

Łukasz Habiera, who goes by the pseudonym NAWER, has been involved in street art since the mid-1990s. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning in Kraków, and has focused on painting since 2003. More recently, NAWER has collaborated with Design Collective, Temporary Space, on a series of audiovisual projects that combine his work with the latest video and 3D mapping techniques. In 2015, Takashi Murakami invited him for a solo exhibition at his gallery in Tokyo. NAWER’s work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions, in galleries around the world: Los Angeles, Paris, San Francisco, Marrakech, London, Tokyo, Turin, Berlin, as well as online and in various print publications

Łukasz Berger Cekas

Multidisciplinary artist, graduate of the Faculty of Sculpture and Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. In 2011 he completed his diploma in Janusz Kucharski’s studio. Since the late 1990s, he has been actively involved in the Polish art environment in public space. He has participated in numerous exhibitions and festivals
On a daily basis, he deals with art design in architecture, studio painting and sculpture. He creates large-format murals and wall installations. His avant-garde installation ,,Silence”, was included in the cultural knowledge textbook for high school and technical school. In 2020, he was awarded the 30 Creatives of Wrocław award

Bartosz Janczak

He is a sculptor, curator and graphic designer. His constructions are inspired by military defence structures, brutalist architecture and Eastern Bloc monuments. They are aggressors that tear the air with their edges. At other times they come together in a tender impasse. Visually, his art is very austere. Heavy, blocky shapes interspersed with light and soft compositions interact in surprising ways. Always white, they give a reference to
antiquity in an almost spiritual experience. His abstract, minimal objects create a great contrast when placed in a natural or urban setting. His sculptures, from smaller forms to large-scale ones, can be found in Spain, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, China and Taiwan. In addition to this, Bartosz is also co-founder of the Sonder Foundation, an organisation that supports and promotes the activities of artists working in abstract contemporary art. The artist currently lives in Barcelona. After ten years of working in graphic design, working for two of the largest advertising agencies in the world and many of the most renowned companies, he decided to fully professionalise his artistic activity in the field of sculpture

r-m studio – Marzena Radkiewicz-Metko & Przemo Metko

r-m studio was established by architects Marzena Radkiewicz-Metko and Przemo Metko in 2018 in Lublin. The studio deals with architecture and interior design. The studio’s values and aesthetics stem from a love of minimalism. The projects are characterised by simplicity, which stems from thoughtful solutions, consistency and balance. An additional area of activity is r-m ceramics – hand-formed ceramics, created in micro-series and one-off pieces, and furniture design for, among other things – brand of which Przemo is a co-founder. Prior to r-m studio, Przemo co-founded (2012-2020) the architectural office 081 Architects, where he co-authored many projects for private and commercial interiors, single-family houses and public buildings

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