They didn’t want to cut them down. Szczecin shows how to replant trees

Urban developments often involve the felling of trees. Everyone knows how important these plants are for people. In Szczecin, they have shown that large trees can be successfully replanted to give them a second life in a new location.

The trees are replanted using a vehicle equipped with a special head. Such a head usually consists of three or four rounded blades. The elements are driven deep into the ground and, with the help of hydraulic cylinders, their tips come into contact and cut off the root ball. A tree with roots cut in this way can be easily transported to a new location. Importantly, the root ball is not torn and can be easily embedded in the ground.

The work in Szczecin was carried out as part of the redevelopment of the Szczecin House of Sports. The old building is being demolished, but it was decided that the trees growing next to the building would be given new life.

An Opitz-Optimal 2000 transplanting machine on a Mercedes Unimog U-500 chassis was used to replant a tree with a top root ball diameter of 200 cm, an excavated root ball height of 126 cm and a maximum tree girth of 70 cm at a height of 120 cm. Theweight of the replanting machine alone is more than 3 tonnes,” says Piotr Zielinski, spokesman for Szczecin Investment.

The Szczecin Sports House will be built according to a concept prepared by architects from the Dedeco studio. Residents will gain a new swimming pool and a large sports hall here. The swimming pool will be 30 m long and will have lifeguard rooms, toilets and a storage area.

The sports hall will be adapted to modern needs. Szczecin officials want the new facility to host national and international sports entertainment. The facility is to be versatile, i.e. it will be able to host concerts or shows. Importantly, the facility is to use environmentally friendly solutions.

Technology will be installed in the facility to reduce operating costs. The pool water technology will allow up to 75% of the rinse water to be recovered. In addition, a heat recovery system will be constructed for the water discharged from the pool technology. Components meeting current standards for reducing heat loss from the building will be used in the construction. Inaddition, the facility will be equipped with a photovoltaic installation,” adds Piotr Zieliński.

The investment is being carried out by Budimex S.A. The cost of the works is PLN 108.8 million.

source: UM Szczecin(

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