They have combined design with technology. Dyson’s new cordless hoover

This is a device for the discerning. The new Dyson V15s Detect Submarine hoover takes an all-round approach to tidying up. It features active floor cleaning technology, a dust illumination function, an anti-tangle brush and powerful suction. All of this has been managed to be encapsulated in a visually appealing form.

Its appearance is intriguing. The Dyson V15s Detect Submarine cordless hoover has a slim form and an original design. The designers have successfully combined bold colours to create an attractive device that can be displayed in the interior of a home or flat. It is Dyson’s first all-purpose cordless hoover with an active cleaning function. The Dyson V15s Detect Submarine has been designed to take away the problems generated by the cleaning vacuums already on the market. What’s new is the technology that washes surfaces with clean water throughout the cleaning process. So you can forget about having to reach for detergents. What makes the hoover different? One by one.

All you need is water

Dyson engineers have equipped the new hoover with the Dyson Submarine Electric Brush for wet cleaning hard floors. It effectively removes spills, stains and small dry debris like crumbs. It uses the optimum amount of water during operation, leaving no excess on the floor. The effect was achieved by designing eight water distribution points, the entire surface of the roller is adequately moistened. Time for a technical curiosity. When the hoover is running, 18 ml of water is released per minute. This is a small amount, but it enables effective cleaning. Excess moisture is discharged into a container that can be easily emptied. The manufacturer estimates that one fill of the container with clean water (300 ml) makes it possible to clean up to 110 square metres of surface.

The design of the hoover is intended to facilitate cleaning in hard-to-reach areas, under furniture or along edges.

Owners of existing mop hoovers often have many reasons for frustration, mainly related to awkward operation and maintenance and insufficient cleaning performance. We have solved these problems by creating a multifunctional and compact, easy to manoeuvre yet powerful hoover that takes us to a new level of thorough cleaning, including wet cleaning ,” says Charlie Park, vice president of Floorcare R&D at Dyson.

Nothing to hide

Another interesting solution is the Fluffy Optic electric brush. Thanks to its backlighting, it makes dust visible on hard surfaces, making invisible dirt easy to spot. And the special Piezo Sensor measures the amount of dirt and tells us whether the vacuuming was really thorough. While vacuuming, we can check the amount of dirt collected on the screen and the sensor will automatically adjust the suction power to different surfaces and the amount of dirt.

I won’t elaborate on the technical parameters of the device, the power of the motor and its revolutions per minute. These can be checked on the Dyson website. I will, however, draw attention to the functionality. Thanks to the various interchangeable attachments, one device can replace several other items.

The Digital Motorbar electric brush allows you to vacuum your carpet thoroughly, removing hair and dander from the surface. And you can clean up all sorts of nooks and crannies with the versatile Dyson Combi nozzle. Its design makes it easy to vacuum furniture, corners, skirting boards, drawers and other hard-to-reach areas.

Last is the Mini Electric Brush, which prevents tangles and picks up long hair and dander. The brush has a conical shape and specially shaped bristles. Its design ensures that hair and hair does not wrap around it, but moves towards its narrower end and then slides off, ending up in the waste container. Mattresses, sofas and pet beds can be vacuumed with this brush. This will certainly be appreciated by owners of pets.

Why do we clean? A clean home is a nicer place to live. Cleanliness also promotes good health. This is where the Dyson hoover’s filtration system is worth appreciating. According to the manufacturer’s claims, the filtration catches 99.99% of particles as fine as 0.3 micrometres, so we can be sure that no dirt gets back into the rooms. We therefore enjoy cleaner air.

You can read more about the hoover on the manufacturer’s website HERE.

source: press materials

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