They lived on the 11th floor of a block of flats. Modest architects’ flat

The most important thing is a functional space. This is how René Dlesk and Tamara Kolaříková, who work as RDTH architekti, set up their living space. The architects’ flat is located in Prague.

The flat is 79 sq m in size. An additional 6 sq m is a loggia. The architects bought the flat in a block of flats on the 11th floor. René Dlesk straightforwardly admits that his days are structured. They start early in the morning. He starts his mornings with a cup of coffee, listens to classical music, is fascinated by machines and mechanisms of all kinds, and likes to analyse how they work. He also likes naturalness and honesty, even in building materials. Rough surfaces, patterns… all of this is what he can experience in his work as an architect.

He moved into the block of flats together with his wife and daughter. The flat was renovated in 2021. The owners wanted a large living room that would be the heart of the flat. The living room was to harmonise with the kitchen, have a large table for communal meals and a place to exercise. To free up space, the architects dispensed with the hallway. They arranged the loggia into a small garden – cucumbers and tomatoes grow there.

In addition to the living room, the flat also has a daughter’s room and a guest room. The latter is used as a study on a daily basis. The rooms are connected by sliding doors. There is also a toilet and a large bathroom with a bathtub.

There is no need to look for elaborate materials or luxurious accessories in the interior. The architects consciously exposed the installations and wiring. They did not want to build false ceilings in order to preserve as much space as possible. – I like constraints that make it easier to make decisions and at the same time create my own natural aesthetic,” admits René Dlesk.

The realisation of his project, however, was met with astonishment by the contracting team. The bricklayers, plumbers and electricians were surprised when they heard that the owners did not want to level the surfaces and plaster the discolourations from the demolition of the partition walls. The bricklayers were only to clean, waterproof and whitewash them. – The unevenness doesn’t bother me. I like them. They are an interior decoration,” adds the architect.

The designer admits that the interior will still change. He dreams of building a small bedroom, the walls of which will be entirely covered with wood, but for the time being he is dealing with raw plaster, which he also sees its advantages.

photos: Filip Beránek,

design: RDTH architekti,

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