Thin countertop for the kitchen. Which one to choose? We recommend two

The worktop in the kitchen is a strategic element. It is used most intensively every day, so it should be highly durable and resistant to various factors, including scratches and heat. Is a thin worktop (one that is only a few millimetres thick) up to the task? We suggest two really interesting solutions.

Thin countertops are an extremely interesting addition to a modern kitchen design. They are subtle, complementing rather than leading the way. They are also an alternative to familiar materials such as quartz sinter, stone or conglomerates. Compact worktops, in particular, create strong competition for them as they combine all the best features of the previously mentioned materials. They are resistant, but at the same time stunning in their beauty, and are deceptively similar to stone worktops.

When choosing a worktop for the kitchen, however, it is important to remember that it is not only the style that is important. There is a lot going on in the kitchen, which means that the worktop is exposed to moisture and water, to scratches, to impacts and to all sorts of detergents. After all, we want the worktop we choose for our dream kitchen to look beautiful for years. Is this possible? Absolutely! However, we must choose a product that is resistant to all of the above-mentioned factors. Such countertops are offered by Pfleiderer. In the producer’s offer, apart from laminated countertops of standard thickness, e.g. 38 mm, we can also find thin countertops, which are very popular today.

Ultra-thin, ultra-strong

A new addition to Pfleiderer’s range, which quickly won the hearts of investors and interior designers, is the ultra-thin UltraFit worktops. It is a product that perfectly fits in with current interior design trends and fits into modern interiors, where lightness and subtlety of materials are important. What are its special features? The core of UltraFit worktops is an extremely strong, moisture-resistant structural board used in construction, so it is more resistant to bending than a standard board of the same thickness. UltraFit worktops are only 13 mm thick and are available in 12 fashionable decors, among which we can choose from extremely realistic imitations of stone, concrete, wood, but also single-colour decors in timeless shades. In addition to carefully selected decors, the UltraFit worktops collection also includes the intriguing Urban texture, a stucco imitation that lends the surfaces an industrial feel.

Aesthetics and durability

Pfleiderer’s range also includes compact worktops, which are an interesting alternative to natural stone, quartz sinters or conglomerates. Pfleiderer’s Duropal Compact wor ktops are made of the highest quality, durable, solid high-pressure laminate. They are completely water-resistant, so we can install a suspended sink in them in the kitchen. Duropal Compact worktops are only 12 mm thick, with a choice of decors inspired by the timeless patterns of concrete, stone (including up to three imitation marble decors) and single-colour decors. In addition, Duropal Compact worktops are available in the extremely fashionable Xtreme Plus deep matt texture, which prevents fingerprints from forming on the surface. It is also interesting to note that the compact worktops do not require edging, and the edges can be impressively engraved. This is definitely an option for discerning builders, for whom the aesthetics of finishing materials at the highest level are important.

It is worth knowing that the thin worktops produced by Pfleiderer – both UltraFit and Duropal Compact – have an extremely wide range of applications. They will prove useful not only as a countertop in the kitchen, but can also be used as a table top, furniture fronts or a countertop wall. They are also an excellent option for kitchen islands – worktop and island cladding in the same décor? With Pfleiderer’s thin worktops, this is absolutely possible.

Would you like to learn more about thin worktops? You will find detailed information: UltraFit worktops HERE and Duropal Compact worktops HERE.

source: Pfleiderer

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