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Three-track building in Wroclaw to be demolished? Evacuation of residents

The company that manages the building has carried out expert reports showing that Trzonolinowiec in Wrocław is in a terrible state of repair and has ordered the evacuation of the residents. The city has already announced that it will provide temporary housing for all those in need

Trzonolinowiec is a building located at 72 Tadeusza Kościuszki Street in Wrocław. Its design was prepared by architects Jacek Burzyński and Andrzej Skorupa. The building is 41 metres high, has 11 storeys and was built in 1967. It is distinguished by its unique construction on a reinforced concrete core, which transfers the vertical load to the base. The building’s ceilings are suspended by twelve steel cables that run from the top and transfer the load to the shaft. It is one of the few residential buildings of its kind in Europe. Inside, 44 flats have been created

The residential building was constructed from the top. First, the ceilings were assembled at ground level and then hoisted to the target height with the help of hydraulic jacks

Located in the city centre, the building is in a terrible state of repair. In January 2023, the housing association commissioned a technical survey of the building, and the results became known on 24 July. In the expert report, one can read recommendations to evacuate the residents as soon as possible, to secure the area and to develop a project to repair or even demolish the building. A meeting of community members will be held on Monday 31 July to decide on the future of the building

…In its current state, the building should be vacated as soon as possible, the residents evacuated, the site secured and a plan developed for repair or demolition, the expert report reads

Photo from 1965, construction of Trzonolinowiec, source: public domain

A survey carried out in May found corrosion of the support cables in their upper section, the condition of which is adversely affected by the weather

The matter has already been addressed by the city

We were concerned to learn of the results of the expert opinion on the technical condition of the building. Now the document will be analysed by the District Building Supervision, as it is up to the PINB to decide on the matter. Let us recall that Trzonolinowiec belongs to a housing community, there are 44 flats there and only a small part of them is in the municipal stock. Nonetheless, if the building supervisor orders the building to be vacated, the City will temporarily provide housing for all its residents, a statement from the City Hall reads

We will find out what fate awaits the building in a few days. Importantly, the Trzonolinowiec has been entered in the Municipal Register of Historic Buildings, a “weaker” form of protection. At the beginning of the year, the Municipal Conservator of Monuments recommended that the inhabitants apply for the building to be entered in the Lower Silesian register of monuments, thanks to which the edifice would gain greater protection

source: Wrocław City Hall,

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