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Trap, put to sleep or leave. Rybnik starts the fight against nutria.

Rybnik begins fight against nutria. Trap it, put it to sleep or leave it – this discussion has ignited the residents of Rybnik. The reason is the American nutria that have made their home in the city. For many years they were considered cute pets that became informal mascots of the city. Residents eagerly watched and fed them, which meant that they not only began to multiply in numbers, but also spread over an ever-increasing area. Unfortunately, nutria in Poland are an invasive species and dangerous to the environment.

The first information about American nutria in Rybnik appeared in autumn 2016. The rodents quickly became one of the city’s attractions. The animals, which are believed to have escaped from a private breeding farm, took a liking to Nacyna, and residents were eager to feed them vegetables and fruit, causing their population to skyrocket. Currently, the population is estimated at 300 individuals, which have become a problem for the authorities overnight

As experts point out, nutria are a threat to the environment and the balance of the ecosystem. The rodents destroy riverbeds, reproduce quickly and eat everything they find in their path. They have now been placed on the Invasive Alien Species list and are to be trapped.

“The Nutria from Rybnik are causing enormous damage to local wildlife and have been classified as one of the 100 most dangerous invasive species in the world, and their uncontrolled growth is resulting in the need for conservation authorities to take remedial action,” – says Natalia Zapała, spokeswoman of the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection in Katowice in an interview with radio90.pl

Some of the animals are to be sent to an asylum and the rest will be culled. The authorities of Rybnik, who have also begun to see nutriach as a problem, have offered to help rid the city of the animals.

However, not everyone is happy with the development. Many Internet users point out that killing the animals is inhumane and that “the biggest pest is man”. Others praise the city’s decision, as leaving nutria on their own could lead to disaster, as the population is growing exponentially and soon there may be more nutria than fishermen. What is your opinion on this issue?

source: Radio 90 / radio90.pl
photos: Fermin Rodriguez Penelas, Melina Kiefer / http://unsplash.com

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