Trees saved. There will be no parking at Zakrzówek in Krakow

The Board of Urban Greenery in Krakow has announced that it is abandoning the implementation of the car park at Zakrzówek. The decision is linked to objections from residents who did not want the trees in the park to be cut down

Zakrzówek Park is a summer hit in Krakow. The redeveloped space is open to the public and attracts lovers of sunbathing and water activities. A bathing area has been created there, which is surrounded by high rocks. For many, such a view brings to mind the Croatian coast

No wonder the place is crowded with locals and tourists. To prevent the area from becoming overcrowded, barriers have been installed at its main entrance to count those who enter. Similar barriers can be seen in the metro in Warsaw. Growing popularity meant that the Board of Urban Greenery wanted to build a car park to be located on Twardowskiego Street. Today we learned that the investment will not be realised

According to the provisions of the adopted development plan, the area of the future car park has been designated in an area where the execution of the works would involve the cutting down of the existing greenery in this place. The decision was dictated by the broadly understood public interest and taking into account the unique nature of the Zakrzówek Park,” reads a press release from the Urban Greenery Management Board in Krakow

Earlier, on 17 July, the Board of Urban Greenery in Krakow announced a tender for a contractor for a car park at Park Zakrzówek. The project envisaged the creation of a car park on a plot near the former bus terminus on Twardowskiego Street. A few days later, MP Aleksander Miszalski launched a petition opposing the concreting of the park area

I was approached by residents concerned about plans to cut down trees and bushes for the construction of a car park next to Zarzkówek. We did not work together a few years ago to protect the area next to Zakrzówek from development in order to cut down trees there now. Access to the bathing area should be provided primarily by public transport, bicycles and walking,” wrote Aleksander Miszalski in a Facebook post

The park’s history dates back to 1990, when a lagoon was created there after an old limestone quarry was flooded. Hence the colour of the water, which is turquoise. The site has been redeveloped in recent years. The aim was to improve safety by building appropriate infrastructure. The site is now fully accessible. Walking paths, viewpoints and jogging tracks can be used here

The highlight of the park is the public swimming pool. The openwork pools created on the surface of the reservoir have varying depths, making it possible for both skilled and inexperienced swimmers to swim, including the youngest Krakow residents, who have a 40 cm deep pool at their disposal. For skilled swimmers, the bathing establishment offers pools with a depth of 3.5 m. It should be remembered that the average depth of the water around the piers is about 20 m. Swimming outside the designated bathing area and outside the operating hours is strictly at your own risk. The swimming baths will be open from 22 June to 3 September between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Admission is free

source: Urban Greenery Management in Krakow(

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