Wizualizacje Placu Dąbrowskiego w Łodzi. Znamy projekt!

Visualisations of Dąbrowskiego Square in Łódź. We know the final project!

The visualisations of Dąbrowskiego Square, which we have just learnt about, confirm that the square will change beyond recognition. Dąbrowskiego Square in Łódź will be rebuilt according to the concept voted for by its residents. The voting was preceded by a series of meetings and consultations, which made it possible to determine initially what changes the residents wanted. A2P2 studio presented the construction and detailed design of the new Dąbrowskiego Square. It assumes a return to the style of the 1960s

All the redevelopment variants prepared by the mamArchitekci and A2P2 studios assumed greening the square, changing the fountain and opening the space to urban life. They differed in details, such as what the plants or water elements would look like. In the vote, conducted among the citizens of Łódź on the Vox Populi platform, the second variant won, by a crushing margin, with more than half of all votes.

Łódź will be enriched with an attractive, green urban square with various functions, encouraging rest and recreation in the shade of trees and by the sound of water. Thisis exactly what the citizens of Łódź wanted during the public consultations,” reads the łódź.pl website.

Visualisations of Dąbrowskiego Square – what will change?

On both sides of the square (from the side of the court and Collegium Anatomicum), rows of large trees are to appear. In addition, there will be a large green space on the side of Narutowicza Street. The central part is to be left as a free, paved space, with the central view of the Grand Theatre preserved, which will still be visible all the way from the Factory Station. The new water reservoir opposite the theatre will be divided into two parts with a passage in the middle.

The modernised area will feature food trucks, a space for visitors to Łódź, as well as equipment for skateboarding and roller-skating, but these will be discreetly integrated into the square’s other surroundings. There will also be public toilets at Dąbrowskiego Square.

The concept for the new Dąbrowskiego Square was previously consulted with citizens of Łódź and the Łódź Voivodeship Conservator of Monuments. It assumes a return to the style of the 1960s. Back then, the square was mainly full of trees and one could sit there on a hot day.

source: łódź.pl

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