Weekend of Architecture in Gdynia. This is the 13th edition of

The event will take place from 31 August to 3 September. The Architecture Weekend will be organised in Gdynia for the thirteenth time.The event is organised by the City of Gdynia and the Gdynia Development Agency

The programme of the Architecture Weekend includes several dozen events aimed at lovers of contemporary architecture. These include ARCHI Lectures and ARCHI Debates, open film screenings (ARCHI Film), meetings with architects, filmmakers and photographers (Foto Dzień), architectural walks (ARCHI Walks), workshops for children and young people, as well as exhibitions prepared at the intersection of architecture, photography and creative industries

The curators supporting this year’s event are Dorota Sibińska, Filip Domaszczyński (architects from the XYStudio studio) and Radek Radziejewski (animator, educator and archaeologist)

The slogan of this year’s festival is: Essence the social side of architecture, the essence of life and urban development

Designing architecture is a kind of bridge between art and function, man and space, social needs and the cold calculation of economic tools. The contemporary image of architecture in Poland is formed by millions of objects realised mainly in the last two to three centuries. Buildings of very different scales, functional concepts, as well as aesthetics and workmanship quality. Looking more critically at the current state of the cities, as well as at the houses we live in today, we could probably point to only a small fragment of them – the essence of this architecture, whose models we would like to pass on to future generations and consolidate in the collective consciousness. However, the memory of architecture also includes those less successful projects, criticised by many today, but for researchers they constitute important fragments of the contemporary architectural code. A record that we should protect as an important component of history and socio-cultural memory

Non-memory subverts traditions, disrupts social culture, hinders intergenerational dialogue and builds a barrier of misunderstanding. The festival’s slogan:Essence also refers to the immaterial identity of contemporary cities and newly designed architecture

Selected themes that will develop the narratives of the slogan

  • Engaging – architecture mirrors the principles and values we live by today, creates the transmission of culture and knowledge, and is an indicator of the level of social empathy.
  • Accessibility – drawing as soft boundaries as possible, delineating alternatives, allowing diversity, implementing bypasses that will affect the quality and intensity of relationships.
  • Renewal / interiors– the essence of cities and the interiors of buildings, preserving the spirit of architecture, rescuing fading details, hidden nuances, imperceptible shreds of the designer’s thoughts.
  • Adaptation – buildings should last as long as possible, their function may evolve, be transformed, but we should protect the identity of the place, restore and strengthen the links with the city and the inhabitants.
  • Trends for the climate-new architecture cannot remain passive in the face of processes that threaten our existence. Innovation- the best solutions in the field, should be accessible to all.
  • Architectural education-the basis for understanding and acceptance of both new houses and cities and the processes of reconstruction, conservation, adaptation.

More information on the official website www.weekendarchitektury.pl

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