Which garden table for a small garden should you choose? The latest trends

The table is important both at home and in the garden. On a sunny day, there is nothing better than a morning coffee on the terrace. A table is also useful for barbecues and receiving guests in the garden. But which one should you choose if you don’t have much room for it?

What should you consider when choosing a garden table?

When you decorate your home, you choose your furniture and other furnishings meticulously. This is just as important in the garden. It’s worth looking for a table that matches the style in which you are decorating the space. It’s also good to consider your needs – is a place to put down a cup enough, or is a bench for feasting essential? Of course, you can’t overlook the space you have available. But that’s not all. It is worth remembering that garden furniture must not only meet expectations in terms of aesthetics and practicality, but also be able to withstand outdoor conditions. Which garden table choose for a small garden?

What size table for a small garden?

When you have a small space to furnish, then you need to choose your furniture with great care. So that you arrange a functional space and do not clutter it all up. Fortunately, garden furniture manufacturers meet the needs of their customers and offer not only large garden tables, but also small tables and even folding models. Which to choose?

It is certainly worth thinking about your needs. When the terrace is small and it is impossible to carve out more space in the garden, then you are left with the purchase of a small garden table. It is best to look around for furniture designed for balconies. Small coffee tables often have the added functionality of storage space. You can opt for a model with an adjustable top height. A low one will work well for drinking coffee, while a raised one is ideal when you want to dine outdoors. Half-round wall tables are an interesting solution that takes up little space.

If you like to feast outdoors, invite friends and loved ones over for a barbecue and you don’t have a large garden, you can opt for a garden catering table. It folds flat. So you can store it at home and unfold it, even in a small space when necessary.

What shape of garden table should I choose?

When you don’t have a large garden area, you need to look for furniture that not only fits in, but also ensures that visually there is still plenty of space. Such an illusion can be achieved with tables with a round top. The round shape makes the furniture look light. In addition, more guests can be seated comfortably at a round table. It is also an excellent choice when children are using the garden. Round tables are safer to use than square or rectangular tables. These have other advantages instead. A rectangular and wooden table can easily be pushed against a wall when you need more space.

Table for a small garden – what is the best material?

Wood is the material of choice for garden furniture, as it blends in perfectly with nature. Unfortunately, it is at the same time the most expensive raw material and the most difficult to maintain. Wooden furniture also has a decidedly bulkier appearance, so it can clutter up a small terrace too much. However, if your garden is decorated in a country, Provencal or rustic style, then it is definitely worth looking for a garden table made of wood, but with smaller dimensions.

Garden furniture is also manufactured from rattan. This is a material that makes them look very elegant, light and quite romantic. They are worth thinking about as an alternative to wood in this type of arrangement.

A similar, albeit artificial, material is technorattan. Furniture made from it feels like furniture made from rattan, but is much more durable. They come in many colours. They suit both modern and classic gardens. A garden table made of technorattan will be a good choice because it is lightweight and openwork.

Metal furniture is very durable. They can be made of cast iron as well as aluminium or steel. Each material should be well protected against corrosion. Metal garden tables are suitable for both small and large areas. Choose from both classic and modern designs.

You can also buy plastic patio furniture. This is the cheapest, but also the least durable option. The advantage of plastic garden tables is that they are lightweight and easy to keep clean. A plastic garden table goes well with modern, minimalist arrangements.

Certainly what you should think about when looking for a table for a small garden is choosing a piece of furniture that has a top made of glass. Why? Primarily because of its transparency. It makes the table look much lighter. It visually takes up less space. In addition, it illuminates the terrace. When looking for a small table for the garden, it is advisable to choose a model with a glass top, regardless of the material of the base.

Table for a small garden – latest trends

When it comes to garden furniture, it is difficult to pinpoint the season’s dominant trends. This is because the key thing is what style you actually decorate your patio in. Wooden garden furniture is just as popular as those made of technorattan or metal. However, when it comes to modern solutions that are at the forefront, a few items can be identified. A garden table that is fashionable and works in many arrangements? It is one that has a round top in the form of a tray and a metal base that crosses at the bottom. This is known as an auxiliary table, which on large terraces is placed next to an armchair or sofa so that a drink can be set down on it. In small gardens, on the other hand, it can successfully play a central role.

Which table should you choose for a small garden? You should definitely go for one that matches the style of the terrace. It is also important to consider your needs – whether a coffee table is enough or a dining table is required – in which case it is best to think of a folding piece. A model with a glass top visually takes up less space, but can heat up. A minimalist side table with a round tray-shaped top and a thin frame will be an excellent choice both as the main piece of furniture and as an additional place to put dishes.

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