Wilson Square in Warsaw will be greener. The residents wanted it!

There will be less concrete in Wilson Square – it will be replaced by new trees, bushes and flowers. This is the idea of the residents of Żoliborz, who submitted a project to de-concrete and green the square in the civic budget. The Capital City Roads Authority has extended the scope of the work, which will be carried out by the contractor selected in a tender.

Road engineers opened bids for the greening of the representative square in Żoliborz. A total of three companies have come forward, and their bids range from PLN 1.1 to 1.9 million. The contractor will carry out the work on Wilson Square, which has been agreed with the city’s conservation officer. If the procedure is successful, the winning company – after signing the contract – will have 60 days to complete the project.

“A greener and more accessible Warsaw for all residents is our priority. We want to turn the capital into the best city to live in. That is why we are removing concrete wherever possible. In this way we want not only to take care of the aesthetics of our city, but also to fight the effects of climate change – more greenery means more oxygen and protection from the heat,” says Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw.

Wilson Square. Less concrete in front of the Wisła cinema

There will be even more greenery on Wilson Square, the central part of which is already covered with vegetation. These were the changes wanted by the district’s residents, who first submitted a project and then voted for the removal of large areas of concrete from the square – as part of the civic budget. What will change?

The original project envisaged deconstructing part of the square in front of the Vistula Cinema. According to the plan, new trees will be planted in front of the entrance to the cinema. Greenery will also appear at the ends of the pavement in front of the cinema – near the pedestrian crossings. Another new tree will be planted at Mickiewicza Street (replacing the robinia tree that grows there, which will be transplanted to another location) and shrubs. The lawn and shrubs will green up the previously concrete part of the square in Krasińskiego Street. However, this is not the end of the changes.

18 new trees will be added

Unnecessary concrete also disfigures other parts of the square. That is why ZDM has decided to extend the civic project. As a result, the square will be greened not only in front of the Vistula Cinema, but on all the inlets. In Krasińskiego Street – on the section between the square and Karpińskiego Street – a hedge will be created along the pavement on the northern side of the road. Existing tree rows will also be replenished.

Much will also change at the western inlet of Krasińskiego Street. Shrubs will appear on both sides of the pedestrian crossing – replacing the unnecessary concrete slabs and paving stones. Shrubs will also be planted at the southern inlet from Mickiewicza Street (near the pedestrian crossing on the western side of the road).

The appearance of the pavement on the northern side of the square, between Mickiewicza and Słowackiego Streets, will also change. Here, the project envisages three new trees surrounded by shrubs. A large row of eight trees – including a hedge – will be added along Słowackiego Street. It will extend from the square to Kątowa Street.

A total of 18 trees (ash trees and two types of maple) and approx. 1,500 m2 of shrubs (roses, dogwood and ligustrum) will be added to Wilson Square. In order to protect the new greenery, ZDM has planned fences in sensitive places. The works will not cause traffic obstructions.

The flower stalls will be

When preparing for the implementation of the Wilson Square greening project, Zarząd Dróg Miejskich took into account that the square is a monument. Therefore, agreements with the capital’s conservator of monuments were necessary. It was only possible to obtain an opinion after the residents had voted on the project.

They will not lose their much-loved flower stalls, which are part of the square’s landscape. In preparation for the investment, ZDM has planned a replacement location for the stands. They will remain in the vicinity of the square at all times. However, once the works have been completed, they will return to their previous location.

Changes on Saska and Odyńca

The pavements in Wilson Square will not be the only ones this year. Among others, Saska Street will undergo a similar procedure. This is also an idea from the civic budget. ZDM has recently opened bids for the execution of this task. Six bids were submitted.

The changes will take place mainly on the eastern side of the street. Above all, the area around the intersections with Zwycięzców, Meksykańska and Brazylijska streets will be greened. The project also includes the renovation of the most damaged parts of the pavement there.

Greenery will also be added to Odyńca Street as part of the civic project. On the section from Wołoska street to Niepodległości Avenue, 34 new trees will appear on the northern side of the street. The bids of potential contractors are being analysed. The next step will be the removal of unnecessary concrete.

source: Warsaw City Hall / https://um.warszawa.pl/
photo: ZDM / https://zdm.waw.pl/

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