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A bra is an item of clothing that is not only meant to make your bust look good, but also to give it the right support. This is why choosing the right model is so important. So learn about the types of women’s bras that combine functionality with aesthetics! The text was created in collaboration with Ola Brafitter from Esotiq.

Popular types of bras

With brasat Esotiq, you can be sure that you are choosing high quality and functionality. What types of women’s bras can you find with us?

  1. Push-up bra – this type of bra is mainly designed to optically increase the volume of the bust. It has special inserts or underwire that lift and bring the breasts closer together, creating the effect of a fuller bust. It is ideal for women looking for additional support and a subtle enhancement of the silhouette.
  2. Balconette bra – is characterised by the horizontal line of the upper part of the cups, which makes the breasts exposed, especially in women with fuller upper breasts. This bra cut gives the bust a beautiful, alluring shape.
  3. Seamless bra – made from a smooth material that has no seams or trims, making it ideal for wearing under thin clothing.
  4. Sports bra – provides extra support and stability during physical activity. Usually made of stretchy, breathable material.
  5. Plunge bra – this bra has a deep neckline, making it ideal for wearing under blouses and dresses with a large cut-out. This type of bra provides adequate support, even with demanding evening creations.
  6. Strapless bra – provides support for the bust and spine without the need for straps, making it ideal for wearing under dresses with open shoulders. It is usually additionally fitted with special silicone straps to prevent the bra from slipping off.

How do you choose a bra to suit your figure?

Choosing the right bra for your figure can make a significant difference to your comfort and confidence. That is why it is worth taking the time to find the perfect model, which will properly expose the natural beauty of the bust. There are plenty of styles available. What should you consider when choosing? Find out the answers to the most common questions on how to find the right bra for your figure.

What is the right bra for a large bust?

Women with larger breasts should look for bras that provide solid support and comfort throughout the day. Bras with solid cups, made of strong material that provides adequate support, are the ideal choice. Wide straps distribute the weight of the breasts evenly, helping to avoid discomfort.

Which bra for sagging breasts?

For women with sagging breasts, a lift-up bra is the best option. This type of bra is specifically designed to lift and firm the breasts, giving them an attractive shape. The support hooked into the lower part of the cups and the special underwire help lift the breasts, giving a lifting effect and making the bust look younger and firmer.

Which bra for small breasts is worth choosing?

For women with smaller breasts, push-up bras or bras with an additional padding are an excellent option. These bra models add volume and round out the bust, making them appear larger and fuller. When choosing a bra, also look out for models with light patterns, lace or frills. A semi-padded bra can also be a good choice.

What kind of bra for a wide bust is a good choice?

The best choice in this case are bras with widely spaced underwires or special constructions that help to bring the breasts closer together and provide adequate support. Balconette bras, in particular, can be an excellent option, as their design helps to bring the breasts closer together, creating the effect of a fuller cleavage. In addition, look out for models with adjustable straps that allow the bra to be customised.

Find the right women’s bras!

Choosing the right bra is a key step in ensuring comfort and adequate breast support. Choosing the right size is also important. How do you do this?

  1. The first step is to measure the circumference under the bust. Use a tailor’s tape measure and carefully measure the circumference just below your breasts. Make sure the tape measure is evenly spaced and not too loose or too tight.
  2. Then measure the circumference at the widest part of your bust, but not too tight. This measurement will help determine the cup size of your bra.

From these two measurements you can determine your bra size. The under bust circumference corresponds to the first number in your bra size (e.g. 70, 75, 80) and the difference between the under bust circumference and the circumference at the widest part of the bust determines the cup letter (e.g. A, B, C, D). For example, if your under bust circumference is 75 cm and the difference between your under bust circumference and the circumference at the widest part of your bust is 10 cm, your measurements indicate a size 75B.

A well-chosen bra will not only provide you with comfort and support, but will also accentuate the natural beauty of your figure. So take the time to choose the right model and size that will make you feel confident and attractive every day.

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