He has created a beautiful collection. Daniel Kolodziejczak and his furniture

Daniel Kolodziejczak founded his design company StudioDanielK. Antechamber is his premiere collection, which he presented at the Salone del Mobile 2024. The collection could be seen by visitors to Villa Bagatti Valsecchi during the Alcova exhibition.

The furniture designed by Daniel Kolodziejczak is a kind of architectural dialogue between the classic patterns of Italian design and the radical approach of Brazilian modernist architecture. The designer drew inspiration from the work of Polish artists Alicja Kwade and Magdalena Abakanowicz. The resulting objects are characterised by simple forms, muted colours and the use of stones.

Kołodziejczak combined brutalist motifs with elegant Italian modernism. In the design, he used Rouge du Roi and Saint Laurent stones, and the spheres were made of translucent onyx with a honey-coloured hue. These elements were set into the furniture like stones in jewellery.

In total, the Antechamber collection comprises 10 objects. The coffee table seems to blur the boundaries between wood and marble through the use of soft brown tones. The stool suspended on blocks of transparent onyx seems to levitate, while the mirror, also topped with onyx elements, even takes on a sculptural form.


Daniel Kołodziejczak lives in Milan by day. He studied design at Via Design in Denmark and at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam and the University of the Arts in London. He worked as a jewellery designer for eight years, hence the decorative touches in his furniture. He is creating the new brand together with Diana Arce, who works as a luxury product consultant.

source: StudioDanielK (studiodanielk.com)

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