Fragment wejścia głównego do Urzędu Telekomunikacyjnego w 1934 i 2024 r. Źródło: NAC – Narodowe Archiwum Cyfrowe, Sygnatura: 1-G-5376

The series ‘Modernism at the workshop’ is launched. Welcome to the Telegraph!

From 9 to 26 May, Warsaw will host a series of meetings organised as part of the event “MODERNISM IN THE WORKSHOP: Welcome to the Telegraph!” This is a good opportunity to get to know better the historic building of Telefonów i Telegraf at 45 Nowogrodzka Street, but not only!

“MODERNISM AT THE VARNISHER: Welcome to the Telegraph!” is a series of lectures and workshops to be held from 9 to 26 May 2024, with the aim of symbolically restoring the historic Telephones and Telegraph edifice located at 45 Nowogrodzka Street in Warsaw before its full-fledged revitalisation. It is an outstanding work of modernism designed by Julian Puterman-Sadłowski, which – almost 100 years ago – witnessed the rebuilding of the capital and the birth of the telegraph.

The history of the building and its mysteries will be presented by well-known Varsovians, historians and architects. The lecture series will culminate in professional metal conservation workshops. The event will have several parts and is divided into lectures, a walk around the building and conservation workshops.

Schedule of events:


  • 9 May, Thursday – Grzegorz Mika “The Post and Telegraph Building at 45 Nowogrodzka St. in Warsaw. Postal buildings architecture of the modernism period”
  • 17 May, Friday – Prof. Marta Leśniakowska “Invisible modernism? Women in the architecture of Warsaw.”
  • 23 May, Thursday – Adrian Sobieszczański “Architectural detail of the modernism period. The eagle and its interpretation in the interwar period.”

Venue: ZODIAK Warsaw Architecture Pavilion, 4 Pasaż Wiecha Street, Warsaw


on 18 May, we would like to invite you to a unique Night of the Museums in the company of Jerzy Majewski, who will tell us about Warsaw on the roof of 45 Nowogrodzka Street (seating limit). Registration:


  • on 25 and 26 May, we invite you to conservation workshops
    Katarzyna and Jakub Polak “Metal conservation technique”
    including: creating a conservation work programme on the example of the eagle and inscription from the facade of the Telegraph building
  • 25 May – factual part
  • 26 May – practical part

Location: Telephone and Telegraph Office, 45 Nowogrodzka St., Warsaw

The workshop is subject to prior registration by questionnaire (limited places):

The event is organised by the Towarzystwo Opieki nad Zabytkami, Warsaw Branch with the support of ZEITGEIST Asset Management, the company responsible for the revitalisation of the building. The whiteMAD magazine is a media patron of the series.

PS you can read about the history of the building in our article. Editor Mateusz Markowski has juxtaposed archival photos with contemporary ones. You can find the article by clicking HERE.

source: organiser materials

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