Another patch of the capital is turning green. Tree planting is underway in the square on Bracka Street

Another patch of the capital is becoming green. As part of a wide-ranging investment called the New Centre of Warsaw, new plants are being planted in a small downtown square on Bracka Street, adjacent to CeDeT. At the same time, a complete reconstruction of Chmielna and Bracka Streets, which come directly to Pięciu Rogów Square, is underway. Eventually, there will be dozens of new trees, as well as lawns, squares, small architecture and low ornamental greenery.

Work on the redevelopment of Chmielna Street has been carried out since November 2023 by Balzola. Among other things, a new street surface is currently being laid and trees are being planted. In addition to the modernisation of the street, Bracka Street between Chmielna and Jerozolimskie Avenue will also undergo a metamorphosis. It is here that new plants are being planted. The former temporary car park is giving way to greenery, or more precisely to 33 trees. Plantains, cherry trees, cherry trees and maple trees will appear here.

The project to modernise the area, prepared by the Public Land Management Board of the City of Warsaw, has been favourably received by the Mazovian Voivodeship Historic Preservation Officer. Thanks to the agreement reached, the hitherto neglected area will gain a new look and function as a green promenade planted with trees and bushes and equipped with benches.

Greenery, almost absent until recently, will be introduced. Ninety-five trees will be planted on Chmielna Street and several dozen more on Bracka Street. They will be supplemented with 9,500 shrubs and 8,500 perennials. The location of the trees has been chosen so as not to obscure important elements of the buildings’ facades and to enable the functioning of the gastronomic gardens. The designers have also taken climate change into account in terms of the retention of urban greenery – trees and shrubs will absorb rainwater.

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Nowe Centrum Warszawy

All the changes are part of the New Warsaw Centre project, one element of which is the nearby and modernised so-called Five Corners Square, which was completed last year. The city is currently looking for a contractor to redevelop the entire downtown quarter, including Zgoda Street, which also connects to the square. Planning is also well advanced for the comprehensive redevelopment of Krucza Street, in the middle of which a wide pedestrian walkway with two rows of trees will be created, as we wrote HERE.

Source: Municipality of Warsaw,

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Subject: Another patch of the capital is becoming green. Tree planting is underway in the square on Bracka Street

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