A colourful flat in Bialystok inspired by communist style.

The colourful flat in Bialystok was designed by Karolina Jackowska, founder of the ONUKO studio. “A couple from Bialystok approached me with a vision of creating a flat with no shortage of colour, where references to the communist style appear. To my delight, among the inspirations presented were some where cobalt and other strong colours reigned. In the flat, we did not plan to change the layout of the walls, we focused on the design of both bathrooms and the living room with kitchenette.” – says the architect

From the entrance, black and white tiles greet you, clearly harking back to a previous era. But it’s the kitchen that has become the heart of the flat – it’s around here that the most blue accents appear, while the back of the island is where the concept of a cobalt blue bookcase, of which the Investors are fans, was created. To enhance the effect, the back of this bookcase is finished with a mirror.
“We also opted for low hanging kitchen cabinets – allowing for convenient cleaning, but also light in form. The light cabinets are varied with tomato-coloured handles. My favourite element of this kitchen is the hood surround, clad in small white tiles. This tile motif is repeated in the living room just behind the rounded RTV cabinet. The living room and kitchen flow seamlessly into each other, here and here we used tomato-coloured skirting boards.” – adds Karolina Jackowska
A glass door with cobalt-coloured muntins leads into the rest of the flat, the same colour is used for the ceiling in the corridor and one of the walls in the smaller bathroom. In this bathroom, we have dispensed with a full, heavy enclosure over the lavatory seat – a light cabinet has been hung instead. The mirror above the washbasin is golden, which adds to the retro feel of the interior. In the second bathroom, the colour tomato dominates – such is the washbasin cabinet, which is the most eye-catching element of the room.

About the studio:
“Onuko is me. I love interiors. I quit the media for them, where I worked for several years, preparing and reading radio news services at RMF FM and Eska. I was surprised to find that many of the skills I learned from the media are also useful in my work as an architect. I was always looking for opportunities to express myself creatively – I studied photography and graphic design, but it wasn’t until I entered the third dimension that I felt this was it. So I graduated in interior design and changed my whole professional life for it. I like to focus on the detail and design minimalistically; creating interiors based on the colours of nature, often monochromatic. I always start my work by getting to know the client well – if you decide to work with me – be prepared for a long list of questions. Then an adventure in the world of projections, visualisations, colours and materials will await you. Privately – my great love is dogs, and in my spare time I build a house on wheels to drive it around the world!” – reads the ONUKO studio website – https://www.onuko.pl/

the 60-square-metre flat in Powiśle is not the only project by the ONUKO studio that we had the pleasure of describing. We would like to remind you:

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