Women’s autumn waistcoats – which models to go for?

Poland’s golden autumn versus the grey and first frosts. Get ready for any weather and choose a stylish garment! Discover the most fashionable autumn waistcoats for women and find out which models to bet on this year

Fashionable autumn women’s waistcoats – what kind of waistcoats?

Smart fashion is one that respects long-term trends and weaves tried-and-tested classics loved by all into current trends. If this concept is close to your heart, look out for timeless waistcoats this autumn

  • made from noble materials for warmth, comfort and a look that will last for years;
  • designed to enhance your figure;
  • in the best colours, i.e. in the face of basic and en vogueshades .

Let’s find out what specific cuts of waistcoats are on trend right now!

Women’s autumn waistcoats – patterns, cuts, colours. Inspirations

Black, white, beige, grey, brown, navy and camel are the colours of the moment. You can also go for striking cobalt and emerald or magical taupe. Here are five inspirations – suggestions for warm and trendy sleeveless jackets

1. The double-sided short black teddy bear wool waistcoat – one side has fluffy fur and is suitable for smart casual styling, while the other has a smooth surface, inspired by outdoor style

2. A short down cobalt waistcoat in streetwear style, fantastic with knitted dresses and turtlenecks.

3. Camel double-breasted teddy bear waistcoat with a classic collar, whose cut breaks up the casual tone of the garment.

4. A long quilted down waistcoat in bottle green, enriched with natural filling and fitted with a hood and belt.

5. A double-breasted doubleface waistcoat in cream white, tailored in wool fabric with two right sides, the quintessence of sophisticated style.

What to pair women’s autumn waistcoats with?

Treat the down waistcoat as an addition to a composition with fleshy knits and you’ll give the whole look a modern twist. Make it a warming addition to your winter doubleface coat – it will thus be given a new role and your purchase will pay off double. Wear the short teddy bear waistcoat with a leather dress or a woollen turtleneck if you want to inject even more cosiness intoyour look

Pair the doubleface waistcoat with a suit or a tailored blazer for a stylish addition to your business attire.Or layer it over a long down jacket in the same shade for a very sophisticated and warm soft office style set

Women’s waistcoat for autumn – what material will be ideal?

Women’s autumn waistcoats need to be made of functional and comfortable materials in order to fulfil their purpose. These include sheep’s wool and natural down hidden between layers of durable synthetics

Women’s woollen waistcoats for autumn

Sheep’s wool is not only renowned for its unrivalled thermal insulation and thermoregulation properties, but it also has the ability to be self-cleaning. This means that it does not attract stains, does not require frequent washing and its refreshing is limited to airing

The material can range from a smooth and exquisite doubleface fabric to a fleecy and plush teddy bear. The widest range of woollen sleeveless jackets from the premium Polish brand is available here: https://patrizia.aryton.pl/c/671-kamizelki-welniane

Women’s down waistcoats for autumn

Quilted waistcoats filled with down and duck feathers are an alternative to autumn jackets. The sleeveless vests do not restrict movement, are comfortable and are perfect for weather changes. The outer fabric is a carefully selected synthetic material, responsible for the durability of the garment and keeping the natural filling in place. View the most interesting down waistcoats here: https://patrizia.aryton.pl/c/672-kamizelki-puchowe

Women’s waistcoats for autumn – which ones and where to buy? Summary

You already know what to look for when buying fashionable waistcoats for autumn. When looking through the label, check not only the fabric composition, but also the manufacturer information. Aim for indigenous brands with experience in producing garments with top-quality raw materials from reliable suppliers, and you’ll be guaranteed a successful investment for yearsto come

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