Zeppelin watches – to what do they owe their popularity?

Zeppelin is a German brand of elegant watches. Its first product appeared on the market just 21 years ago. During this time, Zeppelin has managed to establish a quality connection with the best in the industry. This was the plan of the creators from the beginning, who chose a name referring to a great technological achievement by the esteemed scientist Ferdinand von Zeppelin.The symbol of the airship he constructed can be seen on the dial of all Zeppelin watches, forming their logo

Why choose timeless Zeppelin quality?

Airships were a groundbreaking step in technological development. They had a practical use, but that didn’t stop them from being unintentionally eye-catching. They made a majestic impression and stimulated the imagination. It was on this basis, at the beginning of the twenty-first century, that Zeppelin watches were created. Without hesitation, the designers went against the grain of a society greedy for modernity. They took the idea for the brand and the design of the watches entirely from a century ago. They opted for retro style in every element: in the straps, dials, period design and even by choosing the most popular glassesof the time

It is not only the tailored design of these watches that draws on the proud German national tradition. Above all, the manufacturer POINTtec maintains the highest standards of workmanship. Created with care and precision , thewatches are long-lived and functional. The high quality and low susceptibility to damage is due to the use of the best components, because they are imported from Switzerland and Japan

Each new model released confirms that the company is constantly developing and that the prestige associated with wearing their products is growing. There is no haphazardness here: everything is carefully thought out, from the smallest elements of a single watch to the overall themed series, which are a true display of the skills and imagination of the designers. This creates an offering of a consistent, reliable brand in which it is difficult to point out any shortcomings.

Zeppelin watches – which series to choose?

Among Zeppelin watches, the choice is relatively wide, as more than a dozen series of these watches have been created over the past two decades – this increases the likelihood of finding the perfect model for you. Even the level of reference to retro atmospheres varies greatly. Those who find this aesthetic appealing, but do not want to draw attention to themselves with their watch, can opt for delicate, elegant models. More open-minded and eccentric customers can choose a beautiful old-school watch that wouldn’t surprise people who lived a hundred years ago

One of the most popular series is the Zeppelin Flatline. It is distinguished by its size – these are extremely thin watches. They were mainly created for people who dress very elegantly. In such a case, every detail plays a role, and when you wear a Zeppelin Flatline, you can be sure that no crease will occur on the cuff of your shirt. From this series, you can choose a model with a date stamp and the dial allows the time to be read in the dark and under water

The second flagship series is the Captain’s Line, which has been hailed by connoisseurs as close to perfection. The design of these watches is minimalist and universal. There is no additional decoration or superfluous element. Everything is in its place: an unobtrusive date display, delicate hands and numerals. This line also makes use of Super-LumiNova technology, i.e. the backlighting of the dial

On the occasion of von Zeppelin ‘s100thanniversary , the100 Jahreseries was released . It is the flagship of the brand’s operation. The very existence of the watches in this series is dictated by a deep respect and fascination for the past, which can be seen in the design. But at the same time, it is made for contemporary wearers. The models in this series incorporate electronic mechanisms and can also be fitted with a stopwatch, alarm clock and speedometer

Zeppelin – a brand worth trusting

So-called zeppelins are watches not only for big aviation fans. They are products in which ingenuity and daring in combining the flair of the inter-war period with the needs of the modern man mean that the brand receives more positive reviews every year. Thus, it is convincing more and more specialists

It must be admitted that the choice of Zeppelin watches is economically rational. The watches of this brand present an excellent price-quality ratio. You can take a closer look at the wide range of the described watches in the online premium watchshops , where you can find many models with specifications and detailed descriptions

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