a 60-square-metre flat in the Powiśle district of Warsaw, designed by ONUKO

the 60-square-metre flat in Powiśle was designed by Karolina Jackowska of the ONUKO studio. The owner’s expectation was to create a harmonious and minimalist interior, dominated by shades of white, beige and warm greys.
The flat consists of two bedrooms, a small bathroom and a living room with a kitchenette. The rooms are not large, but high. In accordance with the investor’s wishes, the architect opted for light colours, which emphasised the feeling of spaciousness. From the threshold, the residents are greeted by a huge mirror and a beautiful, light oak floor. The hallway also functions as a utility room, as a large wardrobe conceals space for a washing machine. The colours of the small bathroom refer to the colours of the earth – beige stone tiles on the walls and floor, the broken white of the washbasin cabinet perfectly match the black washbasin mixer and the large mirror

“The owner of this flat came to me with a very clear goal – she wanted the 60-square-metre flat in Powiśle, right next to the representative places of the capital, to be cosy, bright, to combine broken whites and wood and to charm from the entrance with a touch of elegance. The flat is intended to be rented, so the idea was for it to be functionally versatile and suitable for both a single person and a small family. Due to the prestigious location, we opted for high-quality materials. We opted for minimalism, the flat is modest in accessories, the wardrobes have milled handles, doors with a panel to the ceiling, white dominates, real solid wood and black details.” – explains architect Karolina Jackowska

The architect draws attention to the bedroom, of which she is particularly proud. “My favourite room is the bedroom. The huge, soft headboard adds to the cosiness and is the focal point of the room. We also opted for wallpaper, a fleshy fabric wallpaper in shades of beige. The curtains throughout the flat are in a similar colour scheme, and the windows are covered by large bamboo blinds. I wanted to give the living room a light feel, as it had to accommodate a comfortable sofa, a large table and a small kitchen. So I optically divided the annex into two parts – a light built-in unit with a worktop, lacquered in the same colour as the walls in the flat, and I combined the fridge, which is usually the largest kitchen appliance, with a built-in shelf, so that the fridge optically disappeared and did not weigh down the room. In doing so, it has given the grey-beige sofa and the filigree bookshelves a resonance. ‘ – adds the architect from the ONUKO studio
Project metrics
LOCATION: Warsaw, Powiśle

METERAGE: 60 square metres
DESIGN: Karolina Jackowska / ONUKO / https://www.onuko.pl/
PHOTOGRAPHY: Martyna Rudnicka /https://www.martynarudnicka.com/

About the studio
“Onuko is me. I love interiors. I quit the media for them, where I worked for several years, preparing and reading radio news services at RMF FM and Eska. I was surprised to find that many of the skills I learned from the media are also useful in my work as an architect. I was always looking for opportunities to express myself creatively – I studied photography and graphic design, but it wasn’t until I entered the third dimension that I felt this was it. So I graduated in interior design and changed my whole professional life for it. I like to focus on the detail and design minimalistically; creating interiors based on the colours of nature, often monochromatic. I always start my work by getting to know the client well – if you decide to work with me – be prepared for a long list of questions. Then an adventure in the world of projections, visualisations, colours and materials will await you. Privately – my great love is dogs, and in my spare time I build a house on wheels to drive it around the world!” – reads the ONUKO studio website – https://www.onuko.pl/

the 60-square-metre flat in Powiśle is not the only project by the ONUKO studio that we had the pleasure of describing. Let us remind you

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