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A cemetery like a garden. Its space integrates with the surrounding nature

The design of the newly-built cemetery is based on the rich, existing qualities of its surroundings – the treetops of the old chestnut avenue, the fields stretching to the horizon, the old cemetery wall and the Chapel of St Wenceslas, as well as the trail leading to the rocky lookout point towards the top of Kozí hřbety. The cemetery like a garden is an innovative project in which the sacred space is not enclosed by clear walls, but rather integrates and merges with the surrounding nature.

The architects at Objektor architekti defined the cemetery area through the prism of several elements. Dividing the space with a grid of low walls and paths makes it possible to easily expand the cemetery as required in the future while maintaining the overall concept. The nearby landscape is mostly regularised, but leaves some areas less defined, allowing the cemetery gardens to be even more closely integrated into the surrounding woodland, fields and meadows over time.

Cmentarz jak ogród

An outbuilding for the cemetery caretaker has been designed at the entrance, which also houses public toilets. New parking spaces for visitors have been designated next to it. The historic St Wenceslas chapel has been renovated and reopened as a spiritual refuge for all those who seek it. The grove behind the chapel is dedicated to alternative methods of burial – placing ashes under the roots of trees or scattering them in a meadow. All the new buildings have a simple form and give priority to the surrounding nature and landscape. Neutral concrete and steel were used as building material.

Horizontality, the destigmatisation of space, the transparency of the cemetery wall, views and integration into the landscape are the main motifs that define this newly created public space.

About the authors:

The Objektor office was founded in 2017 as part of a study at the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague, as a platform for collaboration in architecture and related fields. Since then, the architects have been working on projects of different scales and typologies. The team currently focuses on both small tasks and larger architectural challenges.

Studio: Objektor architekti
Authors: Václav Šuba, Jakub Červenka and others
Landscape architecture: Lucie Medková, Vendula Krausová[kontinual]
Project location: Prague-Suchdol, Czech Republic
Photographer: Pavel Kučera

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Theme: the cemetery like a garden. Its design integrates with the surrounding nature

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