A house in Konstancin-Jeziorna. The simple body is complemented by panoramic glazing!

The house in Konstancin-Jeziorna is the latest project by BDR Architekci studio . This spa town, located near Warsaw, is famous for its beautiful, green and wooded landscape. The main idea when designing the house was therefore to use the qualities and natural conditions of the plot.

The project realises the idea of living close to nature. The living area on the ground floor opens up as much as possible to the surroundings. Through the use of full glazing and sliding windows, the living room space merges with the outside, creating a strong relationship between nature and the building. The surrounding covered terrace provides a buffer providing shade to the interior and extending the living area. A bedroom, children’s room, study and bathrooms are located on the first floor. All usable areas, including bathrooms, on both floors of the building have access to terraces and views of the surrounding nature. The building’s compact form maximises the biologically active area on the plot

The efficient floor plan organises the spaces to offer the greatest possible functionality within the size constraints of the plot and the provisions of local law. The building is constructed as a hybrid structure, its main above-ground structure being a steel skeleton supplemented with glulam elements. The basement and the staircase core are made using reinforced concrete technology. The facades are made of milled cement-fibre panels. The interiors of the building operate with muted colours and simple forms, directing the attention to the nature outside the windows

The open living room with kitchen is designed in neutral tones using white and natural materials: wood and quartzite. In this way, the external panorama becomes the main, most important element that creates its interior. In the bathrooms and hallway, furniture cladding and large-format ceramic tiles in uniform pastel colours were used

The building’s structural elements are exposed in many places: the steel I-beams in the living room, the wooden roof structure in the upstairs rooms or the reinforced concrete core structure in the stairwell. The building implements environmentally friendly strategies. The use of a timber-frame construction allowed for efficient use of building materials and a shorter construction process

The eaves and arcades protect the interiors from overheating during the warm season. Photovoltaic panels were placed on the southern slope of the roof. The energy generated by the PV installation is used, among other things, to charge an electric vehicle. All building installations have been integrated by means of a smart home system. The building is also equipped with a heat pump and a rainwater storage tank

Project metrics
Design: BDR Architekci / www.bdr-architekci.pl
Name: House in Konstancin-Jeziorna
Location: Konstancin-Jeziorna, Poland
Investor: private
Architects: BDR Architekci: Konrad Basan, Paweł Dadok, Maria Roj
Area: 240 m2
Plot area: 600 m2
Construction: Jakon Jacek Grzelak / https://ja-kon.pl/
Sanitary installations: Joanna Szczudlik / http://www.joannaszczudlik.pl/
Photographs: Konrad Basan / www.bdr-architekci.pl

About the studio
Studio BDR Architekci was founded in 2015 by Konrad Basan, Paweł Dadoek and Maria Roj. We create architectural projects for public and private clients. “We treat each design task as an environment produced through a series of layered conditions: spatial, cultural, financial or deadline. Within these environments, we try to find the most optimal and clear solution – an idea that we realise given the changing circumstances. We confront each design decision with the main thought and idea that guides the design and implementation. As a result of this working method, each project is a unique and individual solution tailored to its context. We have gained experience through many years of work in renowned Polish and foreign architectural offices such as David Chipperfield Architects, Maćków Pracownia Projektowa, Medusagroup.” – reads the website of the architectural studio

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