Pola Negri
Fot. Łukasz Rudecki

A mural featuring Pola Negri has adorned a townhouse in Sosnowiec. It was created in tribute to the film star

A mural was created on the façade of a tenement house at 5 Kołłątaja Street in Sosnowiec, featuring a glimpse of film star Pola Negri. The artist lived in the building opposite the mural in the early 1920s. It was created by Paweł Witkowski and Łukasz Rudecki on commission from the Housing Community of Kołłątaja 5

The wall work was based on Tadeusz Styka’s painting ‘Portrait of Pola Negri’ from before 1930. The chosen work fulfils several criteria, which guided the artists in their selection. The main premise was the figure of Pola Negri. The idea was to honour the memory of the actress and to bring the historical background of the street closer. The second criterion is the value of cultural heritage

Pola Negri on the wall of the building. Photo: Paweł Witkowski and Łukasz Rudecki

Tadeusz Styka’s painting perfectly depicts the great actress at an age close to when she was a resident of Sosnowiec. Styka was one of the most eminent portraitists living at the time, and like no one else, he captured the sparkling and temperamental nature of the Hollywood star. His work is an outstanding representative of Polish art and is in the collection of the National Museum in Warsaw. The artists who produced the work are known both for their own work, their teaching and cultural activities, and for their murals adorning numerous Polish cities. Łukasz Rudecki and Paweł Witkowski are both employees of Radom University. Their activity is based on the idea of introducing fine arts from museum salons to the spaces of the streets. The mission is underpinned by the will to perpetuate cultural heritage in Polish society, building a bridge across social and educational differences

The creators and originators of the mural. Photo: Paweł Witkowski and Łukasz Rudecki

I am convinced that the mural will not only serve as an extraordinary decoration of the city space, but will also inspire you to learn more about the history of the fascinating actress and the outstanding artist who portrayed her in his Parisian studio. Pola Negri feistily glances over her shoulder at the windows of her former flat. The short period of the artist’s first marriage is well known to the inhabitants of the address at 4 Kołłątaja St. The great actress won her fate, to which the time spent here was a stepping stone. We encourage you to read this story! We are very proud to have given the residents of Sosnowiec this beautiful mural! – says Dagmara Giej-Rusnak, one of the originators of the mural and a resident of the Pola Negri House community. The other originator is Krzysztof Rusnak

Source: Archives of Paweł Witkowski and Łukasz Rudecki

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