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A mural with Rev. Jan Kaczkowski decorated the wall of a building in his native Sopot

Sopot has been enriched by a new mural. This one is unique and unusual. In the window of a tenement house at 769 Niepodległości Avenue stands Father Jan Kaczkowski, a priest who died seven years ago, and below is one of his famous quotes. The contractor for the mural is the WAKEUPTIME company from Gdańsk, which spent four days working on it

The originator of the mural is Ms Ewa Hirsz – an artist living in a tenement house at 769 Niepodległości Avenue in Sopot – on whose wall the mural is displayed. The work is inspired by a photograph of Father Jan Kaczkowski by photographer Damian Kramski from Gdynia. It was initiated by the Father Jan Kaczkowski Foundation, which chose the quote to be part of the mural


The quotation with “time” in the background, in a very busy place in Sopot, is meant to remind us of being with another human being in the daily, constant hustle and bustle

Photo by Marcin Budziński, WAKEUPTIME

As the townhouse is under the supervision of the Conservator of Monuments, all designs and every colour had to be confirmed with the office. The Office of the Conservator of Monuments in Sopot responded extremely favourably to the mural project presented. More than 170 people were involved in its creation, and through the portal they raised the amount needed to fund the project
It is thanks to them that the mural is not only a very nice image, but above all it is an important message of Rev. Jan Kaczkowski
Fr Jan Kaczkowski – by giving his TIME to Patryk Galewski (the protagonist of the film “Johnny”) – saved his life. Today, Patryk, as part of the foundation’s PaKa – ANOTHER GARNING project, passes on to kids in trouble all the values he once received from Fr Jan. He gives these kids his time and attention to show them that they are important – no matter who they are or where they are at the moment

Photo by Marcin Budzinski, WAKEUPTIME

Jan Kaczkowski

The figure of Fr John looking out of a tenement window is the fourth commemoration of the priest in his native Sopot. In 2017, a plaque dedicated to him was unveiled in St George’s Church; a year later, a foundation named after him was established. In 2019, one of the squares was named after him. Fr Kaczkowski also became the patron of the LukLuk Guest House in Sopot. In 2022, the auditorium of the Third High School was named after him, which is commemorated by a commemorative plaque

Contractor: WAKEUPTIME

Source: Father Jan Kaczkowski Foundation

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