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A new vantage point in Warsaw. Built on the chimney of a waste incineration plant

This is part of an investment being carried out in Targówek. The vantage point has been built on the chimney of a waste incineration plant under construction. It will be part of a green terrace and will make it possible to observe the city from a height of 70 metres above the ground.

A new ZUSOK – Solid Urban Waste Neutralisation Plant – is being built in Targówek, Warsaw. This is an investment to better process waste that is not suitable for recycling. Their incineration is to allow energy to be extracted, which will then be fed into the capital’s grids. In total, the new ZUSOK will process 265,000 tonnes of mixed municipal waste per year.

The facility will not be purely industrial. Its expanded functions are expected to make it a place frequented by residents and tourists. The new facility will have green roofs to aid rainwater retention. The project also includes the creation of a nature trail, with a route through the entire plant to a vantage point 70 metres above the ground. There will also be beehives on the roof. Visitors will be able to admire Warsaw from an unusual location. The vantage point will be created in a glazed ‘cube’ at the top.

The expansion of the plant is expected to be completed in 2024. After the expansion and modernisation, it will produce energy in cogeneration, i.e. it will simultaneously generate electricity (at least 100,000 MWh) and heat (at least 200,000 MWh). The energy generated will correspond to the annual demand of several thousand households in the capital.

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ZUSOK will be one of the most modern installations for thermal waste conversion, mainly in terms of environmental protection. The plant is being developed based on so-called BAT (Best Available Technology) standards.

It will be a facility equipped with advanced and modern technological solutions, meeting strict environmental protection standards and having a highly efficient flue gas cleaning and monitoring system, informs MPO Warsaw.

The building is to be equipped with filters and absorbers that will clean the flue gases. A special system mounted under the green roof will store rainwater.

photo: MPO Warsaw

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