A simple house in the Mazovia region. It is a project by EVEN Architects

Its form combines tradition with modernity. The simple house is a project by the EVEN Architekci studio under the direction of architect Paweł Jabłoński. Hanna Daniłów is responsible for the building’s interior. The designers called the building “The Most Ordinary House in Mazovia”, what is behind this term?

The house has an area of 270 square metres, including the garage. It was built in a place where development projects have not yet reached. It is one of the few places within a radius of 50 km from Warsaw where time passes a little more slowly and everything is in harmony with the surrounding nature. The house has a direct view of picturesque fields and a forest, which makes the place exude tranquillity. The location was a challenge due to the provisions of the Local Plan, but in the end the development restrictions of the area contributed to the creation of a successful project.

The investors are a couple who wanted to live in a peaceful environment. The architects proposed a building that resembles two connected volumes: the living area with a pitched roof and the back office area in the form of a simple cubicle. The white ribbon that surrounds the two blocks adds to their unique character. Similarly, the vertical wooden elements used on the façade, which harmonise with the colour scheme of the area.

The glazed link between the gabled house block and the garage cubicle provides a spacious and inviting entrance space. On the axis of the main entrance to the house is a glazed area that will soon frame the view of a decorative tree. The designers are particularly pleased with the layout of the window openings, through which nature can be seen. Also a plus are the vertical slats on the façade, which slightly obscure some of the windows – this contributes to the residents’ sense of privacy.

The architects proposed a soft and light colour scheme. The roof is covered with a roofing membrane, the ribbon surrounding the block is in broken white and anthracite forms the background for the vertical slats.

The building has been given a clear functional layout. The ground floor is the living area, which consists of a two-storey living room, a TV room, a kitchen and facilities. The private area was created on the first floor. The element that connects the two levels is a mezzanine floor, along which there is furniture with a wardrobe

The interior of the house continues the calm character of the exterior form. Natural materials, muted colours and the occasional softly contrasting accents create a pleasant atmosphere. The architects took a comprehensive approach to the project. As a result, the result met the investors’ expectations and the house blends harmoniously into the surrounding landscape.

photos: Piotr Krajewski

design: EVEN Architects

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