Another Forest of Remembrance in Poznań. Burials in biodegradable urns

This is the second Forest of Remembrance to be created in Poznań. The first was in the Junikowo cemetery. The second was opened on the grounds of the municipal cemetery in Miłostowo

In total, the Forest of Remembrance has a surface area of 235 square metres and allows burials to be organised in biodegradable urns. No commemorative plaques or gravestones will be found here. The site is intended to be as natural as possible, so the surface is covered with leaves and mulch

The area designated for burials is fenced off, which makes it impossible to walk around it, but allows the deceased to be given due respect, ” says Mateusz Dzioba, deputy director of Municipal Services

The memory of the dead buried here can be found on stones set up nearby. It is at these stones that relatives can leave flowers. A bench for visitors has been installed just in front of the quarters. In its modest form, the Forest of Remembrance is intended to foster reverie and contemplation. This is a huge difference compared to traditional burial sites with tombstones and colourful candles

We wrote about the earlier Forest of Remembrance in Juników HERE. In less than a year, more than a dozen people have already been buried there. Burials in urns are becoming increasingly popular in Poznań – they already exceed 50 per cent of all funerals. By contrast, urn burials account for around 40 per cent of funerals in Poland

In the future, it will probably be possible to organise farewells to the dead by scattering the ashes of loved ones in the Forest of Remembrance. However, for the time being, there are no legal regulations that would allow such a practice

source: UM Poznań

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