"Przepływy" Olafa Ciruta. Sztuka przed ratuszem kazimierskim

Applied art stood in front of the Kazimierz Town Hall in Krakow. It is “Flows” by Olaf Cirut!

“Flows” is an art installation by painter, designer and illustrator, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Olaf Cirut. The applied art he created has just appeared in front of the Kazimierz Town Hall in Krakow, right next to the Wolnica Square, which is currently being renovated, and which we wrote about HERE. Olaf Cirut’s Flows are to be the next step in the revitalisation of the Wolnica Square area in Krakow

Olaf Cirut Flows

The revitalisation of Wolnica Square has entered another phase. An art installation for rest and recreation has been erected in front of the Kazimierz Town Hall. These are ‘Flows’ by the painter, designer and illustrator, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Olaf Cirut. The installation was created in collaboration with the Ethnographic Museum and is inspired by its collections

It is an attempt to introduce design solutions into the city space, based on the unique objects collected for years at the Kazimierz institution. The immediate inspiration comes from a collection of traditional, handmade movable toys, the so-called ‘traczy’. Set on nails at the edge of a table, they perform a swinging movement, imitating the cutting of wood. They date from the 1960s

They are a combination of the figure of a worker engaged in sawing wood with a hand saw, derived from wind chimes popular in the Malopolska region, and the idea of a counterbalanced toy, widespread in the first half of the 20th century in Western Europe. In his urban furniture design inspired by these, Olaf Cirut used the shape of the ‘saw’, on which the figure of the sawmill moves, and the colours of these toys. The benches he invented stand on wide ‘teeth’. They have wooden seats made of glued larch. Two pieces are with backrests, five are without them

In addition to these multicoloured benches, which are somewhat reminiscent of non-scorchers, there is also a bench-chair in front of the Kazimier Town Hall, which is a flat wide seat, covered with imitation grass, with eyes. A similar piece of furniture already stood in Wolnica Square last year and was very popular. This summer, such a bench also stood in the square at the end of Bonifraterska and Bocheńska streets and is also often occupied. It is therefore a tried-and-tested solution, much loved by residents

As a reminder, as part of the transformation of Wolnica Square according to the ideas contained in the “Climate Quarter” project, 16 elegant two-metre-long benches and 16 individual city chairs have already appeared there. New herb pots have also been placed on the paving. As part of traffic calming and reducing unnecessary transit journeys through the area, the traffic organisation at the junction of Mostowa, Bonifraterska and Bocheńska Streets was changed. Flower pots and benches have been erected there in place of the previous street roundabout

Redevelopment of Plac Wolnica in Krakow

Wolnica Square in Krakow will soon be rebuilt. Not only will its aesthetics change, but also its functionality. Car traffic will be reduced, which will benefit pedestrians and cyclists. One of the most important and characteristic places in Kazimierz, which is the intersection at the junction of Bocheńska, Bonifraterska, Mostowa and Wolnica Square, will also be equipped with a small parklet, as well as new planting, benches and small architecture

This summer Wolnica Square in Krakow and its surroundings will undergo a major metamorphosis. The changes are expected to make the place even more friendly for residents as well as tourists. New benches will be set up by the former town hall of Kazimierz, there will be an art installation with a play and rest function. There will also be more greenery

Even bigger changes will take place at the junction of Bocheńska, Mostowa and Bonifraterska Streets. The unattractive asphalt square that exists today will be replaced by a square with greenery. The space will be defined mainly by greenery in pots, which will form a green ‘island’. For lovers of two-wheelers, additional bicycle racks will appear. Car traffic will be restricted by decorative posts and other landscaping

All this is to visibly calm traffic in the area. In this way, it will become a pleasant green enclave where people can spend their leisure time. The changes that are being prepared are yet another measure by the city to improve the quality of life for Cracovians

visualisations, photos: Public Transport Authority of Krakow / https://ztp.krakow.pl
aerial photo: Google Maps / https://www.google.com/maps/
source: UM Kraków / https://www.krakow.pl/

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