Architect Moritz Landé on a mural in Ostrów Wielkopolski

A mural unveiled in Ostrów Wielkopolski commemorates a former resident. Moritz Landé was the architect and builder of the city’s new synagogue.The mural is intended as a reminder of his connection to the city

Moritz Landé has appeared on the wall of a building at 17 Raszkowska Street in Ostrów Wielkopolski. It is a modest, simple mural in dark grey paint, created by Konrad “Mucha” Moszyński and Remigiusz Jurek

The artists painted a linear portrait. The appearance of the mural is the result of the 10th anniversary of the Research Centre for the History and Culture of the Jews of Southern Wielkopolska at the University of Wrocław. This institution has its headquarters in the Ostrów synagogue. The design and execution of the mural was entrusted to artists by the Ostrów Cultural Centre

The mural has a simple form. It decorated the gable wall of a residential building. The smooth, light-coloured background features an image of a Jewish architect looking to the right. Right next to it was textual information about the former resident. The description is in Polish and English. We can learn from it that Moritz Lande was born in 1829 in Ostrów to a Jewish family that had lived there for years. It is indicated that Moritz Lande was a descendant of the first rabbi of Ostrów, Jakob Lande, and a builder of the local synagogue. The hero of the work died in 1888 in Berlin and was buried in the cemetery in the Weißensee district there

Moritz Landé was born and raised in Ostrów Wielkopolski. He was initially educated in this city and then continued his education in Breslau. He trained as an architect and his most famous work is the synagogue in Ostrów, the construction of which was completed in 1860. Another of his projects is the single-family house he designed for his family in Berlin. He is also the architectural designer of the cemetery in the Weißensee district, where he was buried after his death

design: Konrad “Mucha” Moszyński

source: muchaDSGN

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