Beauty lies in simplicity. The new Simon 55 collection for interiors

Every admirer of minimalismisfamiliar with the famous statement emblematic of itsfounder – ‘Less is more‘. Undoubtedly ,Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was right. Less is more, and when functionality is added to this, we have the perfect set. The functionalityof our homes is determined by the functionality of itsindividualelements – the various details that together form a network of clever connections. This is the new Simon 55 collection.

In a modern world full of technology, we want the space closest to us to be ‘smart’ too. At the same time, we want it to retain its soul: to be personal, unique, in other words, “ours”. The latest Simon 55 collection from Kontakt-Simon meets these needs.

Beauty is in the details. Architects, designers and stylists, as well as anyone who has ever had to deal with the task of finishing an interior, know this. Often forgotten when thinking about the design of a home is the basic infrastructure – without which we cannot imagine our everyday life! – such as contacts or switches. In this case, we focus on functionality, practicality, ergonomics and workmanship, leaving design in the background. The Simon 55 series from the well-known Polish brand Kontakt-Simon is an example that modern technology and aesthetics can go hand in hand.

Design at hand

The Simon 55 collection is the latest proposal from this Polish brand with over 100 years of tradition. Its concept is based on the idea of an intelligent living space created through the use of modern technologies. Intelligent, which means functional – economical and ecological at the same time. One aspect that sets the series apart is the practical, intuitive methods of controlling energy consumption, such as sensors detecting movement or dimmers allowing the lighting level to be graded. An extremely useful option is also the ability to control the devices via a smartphone. With a dedicated mobile app, you can remotely manage lighting, roller blinds, awnings and many other devices in the home. The built-in scheduling function allows you to automatically adjust lighting and close blinds and awnings according to sunrise and sunset, regardless of the season. These solutions not only help to save energy, but also increase the safety of the home. With remote control, external blinds can be closed from anywhere, providing additional security for the home.

However, electrical fittings are not only a functionally dictated infrastructure, but also an important element of interior design and a discreet detail that completes the overall décor. This is why the Simon 55 series includes three lines of elegant frames for various style combinations. The first is characterised by its minimalist, clean form and matt finish, in the second a decorative base provides a compositional contrast, while the third is distinguished by natural materials such as wood, glass and metal. This variety of textures and a wide colour palette mean that switches and sockets from the Simon 55 collection can be a specific design accent for any interior.

source: materials of Kontakt Simon

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