Black door handles – which interiors do they suit?

Much has been written about the importance of choosing the right interior door. However, such an important detail as door handles is often overlooked. They are not only a functional element, but also a decoration. So it’s no surprise that they should complement the entire room design and fit in with the architectural trend you have chosen. So let’s find out in which arrangements black door handles will work and which interior doors they match

Interior door colour – what should you pay attention to?

When choosing an interior door, it is worth paying attention not only to its style, material and texture, but also to the colour of the leaf. It should primarily match the colour of the walls and floors in the flat. For example, for a light Scandinavian living room, white interior doors or light wood-coloured models are better suited than dark brown doors

When it comes to door handles, you have more freedom here. However, it is advisable to keep in mind the consistency of style and choose handles that correspond with other accessories in a particular space. The black colour of door handles, due to its versatility, suits a really wide range of settings. Let us, however, find out in which interiors it works best

Black handles in a minimalist interior

Black is a colour which finds its way into modern, minimalist interiors. Its deep, strong colour harmonises perfectly with both Scandinavian style and modern minimalist interiors. Black handles bring a touch of rawness and industrial character to these interiors

In a minimalist arrangement, dark-coloured handles will contrast beautifully with white or light grey doors. You can use black handles in such an arrangement as a counterpoint to the light background of the door. They also look great against glazed doors. Remember, however, that black handles should correspond to the colour of other accessories in the room, e.g. black lamps, furniture legs or other accessories

Black handles for loft doors

Black is definitely the number one colour for loft door handles. This strong shade harmonises perfectly with the raw, industrial character of these interiors. Black handles and hinges will perfectly emphasise the raw style of doors with concrete or steel imitation surfaces. The combination of light natural wood and black handles is also characteristic of the loft style

Dark-coloured handles will bring a touch of industrial chic to a minimalist space. They will blend in perfectly with brick walls, concrete floors and raw furniture. Black handles are an almost obligatory element of loft and industrial interiors. They fit in perfectly!

Black handles in a glamour interior

The glamour style is usually associated with accessories in metallic colours: gold, silver or copper. However, elegant black doorknobs will also work well in such spaces. Instead of simple handles, which are characteristic of minimalist and loft arrangements, opt for models with a slightly more decorative design. Round handles or handles in fancy shapes imitating forged steel are an interesting option

This strong colour in glamour settings goes well with dark furniture fronts, adding a touch of chic and elegance. You can even go a step further and opt for black handles decorated with crystals. They are the perfect complement to the doors in such a décor. This contrast adds depth and mystery to a luxurious setting

Black handles are a timeless choice to suit a variety of settings. The three options presented above are just some of the interiors in which you can successfully use black handles. They will work equally well in minimalist scandi and loft interiors as in luxurious glamour spaces. There is also nothing stopping you from using black handles in classic settings. Just remember to match the handles with the other decorations and accessories in the room. Thanks to their universal, deep colour, they will blend in with a variety of interiors, adding a touch of chic and character

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