Bliźniak w Krakowie

Semi-detached house in Krakow with olive-coloured interior

The semi-detached house in Kraków, the interior of which was designed by architect Karolina Michałkiewicz-Kasina of Lumé design studio, is a harmonious, subdued and aesthetically coherent space that was created for a young family with two children.

Space has a huge impact on how we feel. There is no room for random elements in this house. The subtle base is complemented by the warm colour of olive, which is interspersed in almost all the rooms. The project was created for a young family with two children.

The 100 m2 semi-detached house in Krakow consists of an open space on the ground floor and a private space on the ground floor, where 4 rooms can be found. On the ground floor, there is an open kitchen in the centre, which fits into the daily rhythm of the household members. The conglomerate kitchen worktops were made by Hoder. The furniture fronts are smooth MDF surfaces and oak veneer. There is also a colour accent in the form of warm olive on the furniture fronts and wall.

The main bathroom on the first floor is a real oasis of respite. The bathroom includes a shower area, which is finished with a structured tile with a vertical draping effect. In addition to the shower, the bathroom also features a free-standing bathtub and two washbasins suspended in a white Corian countertop. A huge walk-in wardrobe is designed to hide the cooker, boiler and laundry facilities behind its doors.

About the studio
I am an interior designer by training and experience. In interior design I combine my experience and knowledge with my love of art. What I like most in my work is contact with people, because every interior I design is a story of someone’s dreams. Privately, I am a Cracovian and a fan of mountains. I found my feminine strength while being a mother and this role teaches me humility. What matters to me in interior design is space, light and detail. However, the greatest value in my work is the person and the quality space created for them. In interiors, I like harmony and subdued elegance. I see beauty in simplicity, unobtrusive colours, natural materials and craftsmanship. I love art in interiors in any form. I respect and admire timeless design. I design by mixing styles and listening to my clients’ tastes and needs. Being an interior designer is a challenge, but also a great joy.” – reads

photos: Joanna Krowiranda /

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