Blue Note in Poznań after renovation. The cult club has been redesigned by Mode:lina

Blue Note in Poznań is a jazz club that was established in 1998. Over the past 25 years, the club has won the hearts of Poznań residents and become one of the most recognisable places on the club map of Poznań. The iconic club has just undergone renovation and modernisation under the watchful eye of architects from the mode:lina studio. The effect? Judge for yourself!

In 2022, Blue Note began a new stage in its history and, after nearly 25 years of operation, gained a new co-owner. Krzysztof Wawrzyniak is the head of the Poznań-based concert agency Good Taste Production (which has become a patron of the club), a music lover, a graduate of the Academy of Music, and above all: a passionate fan of Blue Note, associated with it for many years.

To collaborate on the interior design, the new owner invited experts in ‘showpiece venues’, the mode:linaTM team. – ‘The opportunity to work on the renovation of a local, iconic venue was not only a pleasure but also an honour,’ says Kinga Kin, designer and author of the project.

As the club’s new repertoire is a fusion of old and contemporary formats, a similar approach guided the architects in the interior design. Pre-existing, well-known elements engage in a dialogue with fresh aesthetics and innovative technology. Regular visitors to Blue will recognise the distinctive staircase, balustrades and bars made by the well-known Poznan artist Adam Garnek, in their full, shiny, restored glory.

The interiors are dominated by deep navy blue, an elegant reference to the club’s legendary name. The walls and ceilings have taken on the form of reliefs through the addition of large three-dimensional typography interspersed with mirrored elements and expressive blue backlights. All the alcoves, both in the bar area and the mezzanine lodges, have a soft form thanks to their rounded corners, the shape of which has also been accentuated with strips of LED lighting. To break up the dark blue of the walls and the graffitied sofas, the alcoves feature decorative panels with dark wood fins with gold sconce details.

Another echo of Blue Note’s history is the concert photo gallery. In their new edition, the photographes form a coherent strip within a wall finished in sheet metal loosely alluding to the club’s recurring lamella motif. Jazz here is not just a melody, but also a story that is written on the walls and in the emotions.

The main room with a stage offers maximum flexibility and adaptability for all kinds of events or intimate concerts. Acoustics at the highest level have been achieved through the use of specialised panels around the stage, a Sonaspray coating on the ceiling and a curtain on the main wall. The club-like darkness of the hall is cut by spotlights and the distinctive shapes of the bar and mezzanine highlighted by LED lighting.

– Although the club has undergone many changes recently, it is still based on the same foundation as before: the love of music. We have refurbished the interior, modernised the logo and website and are also planning to refresh the repertoire. The heart of Blue Note will invariably remain jazz, but we also want to invite artists who work around this genre and will bring new energy to the club. Therefore, in the near future there will also be concerts with funk, groove or soul music,’ announces Krzysztof Wawrzyniak, the club’s new co-owner.

At Blue Note, you don’t just listen to jazz – you experience it in every detail filling its brand-new space. It is a place which continues its long-standing tradition of hosting true legends of Polish and foreign jazz music, such as Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski, Kenny Garrett, Dave Holland, Kurt Elling, Al Foster, Cindy Blackman Santana, Tomasz Stańko, Dave Liebman, John Abercrombie, Mike Stern, Dave Douglas, Scott Henderson, John Scofeld, Pat Metheny, Billy Harper, Jack DeJohnette, E.S.T.Trio, Yellowjackets.

Project Metrics:
PROJECT: Blue Note Poznań /
DESIGN: mode:lina /
PROJECT TEAM: Paweł Garus, Jerzy Woźniak, Kinga Kin, Anna Kazecka-Włodarczyk
REALISATION: October 2023
LOCALISATION: 79 Kościuszki St., Poznań
AREA: 150 m2
PHOTOGRAPHY: Patryk Lewiński /
EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY: Maciej Chomik, Sylwia Klaczyńska
DESIGN: Hercog Projekt /

About the studio:
Mode:lina – the mode:lina studio is made up of a team of talented young Polish designers who share the same approach to architecture as a tool for the constant exploration of new forms and functions, design thought fuelled by going beyond the usual patterns, inspired by contradictions and contrasts, and finally designing spaces of experience that simply make people’s lives better. It is part of the team’s working logic to be proactive in leading projects, to be independent in finding solutions and to have genuine fun with their work. “The final form of the projects carried out in the studio is always the result of a careful analysis of behaviour, habits and lifestyles, carried out using the author’s model of the design process, in which the professionalism of the proposed solutions and substantive support during all stages of the project does not lose sight of the importance of good, human communication.” – reads the architects’ website(

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