Capsule wardrobe for autumn and winter – check out what you can’t miss in your wardrobe!

Autumn and winter are seasons that bring colder days and longer nights. The right wardrobe during this period is not only a matter of style, but also of comfort and protection from inclement weather. A capsule wardrobe is a great way to minimise the number of clothes and at the same time allows you to maintain a variety of styles. There are a few tried-and-tested wardrobe items that are worth having in your wardrobe during the autumn/winter period

Down jacket or half coat

During the cold months, protection against low temperatures becomes a priority. Therefore, it is worth investing in a well-chosen jacket such as a down jacket or a half coat with adequate thermal insulation. A down jacket is lightweight but still very warm, making it the perfect choice for cold days. If you prefer a more elegant look, a half coat can be the perfect solution. Look out for good quality clothing, such as Michael Kors women’s jackets, not only for functionality but also for timeless design

Classic jeans

Jeans are a classic that never go out of fashion. For autumn and winter, opt for darker shades of jeans, such as deep black or navy blue. This colour palette not only adds character to your outfits, but also makes the trousers more resistant to dirt. Good quality jeans will last you for many seasons and can be matched with smart blouses as well as jumpers or jackets

Basic jumpers

Autumn and winter jumpers protect you from the cold and add character to your outfits. It is worth investing in a few versatile models. One of the key pieces in your autumn wardrobe can be a wool jumper in muted colours such as grey, navy blue or brown. This type of jumper will work well both as part of an everyday outfit and as an elegant outfit for special occasions

Shirts and blouses in neutral colours

Shirts and blouses are reliable wardrobe items for any occasion. Go for neutral-coloured models, such as white, ecru or soft pink, which are easy to mix and match with other clothes. Shirts can be elegant and suitable for formal outings, while also working well as part of an everyday outfit, for example paired with jeans. Blouses with delicate embellishments or embroidery add a charming and romantic touch to autumn-winter outfits. By matching them with Michael Kors women’s jackets at MODIVO, you will create a simple and effective styling

Shoes to match the season

The right footwear is not only a matter of comfort, but also of protection from adverse weather conditions. For autumn and winter, stock up on classic low-heeled boots, which are perfect for important occasions and add elegance to your styling. Women’s boots will also be invaluable – they are a durable investment that will protect you from rain and snow, while adding character to your outfit

Creating a capsule wardrobe for autumn and winter is the perfect way to minimise the number of clothes and still maintain style and variety. It’s worth choosing quality clothes that not only look good, but also provide comfort and protection from the cold. Jumpers, jackets, jeans or women’s boots are all reliable pieces that should be in your wardrobe for the coming autumn and winter months. They will ensure that you are ready for any occasion and weather, while maintaining your unique style

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