Cat houses will appear in Poznań. These are the projects of students

The KOTYdż project is a workshop project for design students from Poland Germany and Hungary involving also the local communities of Poznan districts. During the Kotydż workshop, students will design and build houses for free-living cats in two Poznań neighbourhoods, with the active participation of local communities.

The workshop, based on DIY non-formal education, is another project of project education carried out jointly by SARP Poznań, the Common Point Association and the Magdalena Abakanowicz University of Arts in Poznań, as well as TU Berlin and BTU Cottbus. The project will involve 55 students who will work in five working groups led by renowned designers. The workshop will take place from 11-19.05.2024 in Poznań.

Topic: Habitats for free-living cats

Free-living cats are permanent and under legal protection (art. 21 of the Act of 21 August 1997 on animal protection -Dz. U. of 2003, No. 106, item 1002, as amended) element of the urban ecosystem. According to the above-mentioned Act, they are a national asset and should be provided with conditions for their development and free existence. Free-living cats are not stray animals, therefore they may not be trapped, removed or impeded.

Many residents are aware of the animals and try to help them, especially in winter, by feeding them or leaving quilts, blankets and old towels in their beds. Some cooperatives have been equipped with factory-built cottages provided by private companies – but these cottages do not meet the basic safety requirements for these animals. Hence, there is a strong need for workshops to develop designs that are functional and safe, while at the same time fitting aesthetically into the given architectural context.

Tutors: OBIEKT- Jan Szymankiewicz (PL), Mirza Vranjaković (DE ),Dr. Gaizka Altuna (DE), GAB studio (PL).

Recruitment for the workshop is conducted via the website Those interested in participating in the workshop should fill in the application form available on the website between 21 March and 13 April. Those who qualify for the workshop will be notified on 14 April of their eligibility.

Organisers: SARP Poznań, Common Point Association, University of Arts in Poznań

Project partners: International Visegrad Fund, Polish-German Cooperation Foundation, Polish-German Youth Cooperation, Wacław Felczak Institute for Polish-Hungarian Cooperation, Voice of Animals Foundation, Wielkopolska Regional Chamber of Architects, Szechenyi Istvan University, TU Berlin, VUT Brno, Leniar, Festool

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